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Accelerating ideas from mind to market

Convetit enables deep thinking and the creation of premium content - faster, better, and smarter. We help inspired leaders reduce time, frustration and cost by getting ideas efficiently validated by relevant experts, and into the market within days instead of months.

Quickly validate ideas and build trust to advance a range of priorities

Thought Leadership
Stakeholder Engagement

Companies are differentiating their brands, building trust, and maintaining relevance by leading discussions on issues that matter to their customers.

AlwaysOn sponsored a ThinkTank on how to advance female leadership in technology to amplify the reach and impact of their 2015 Innovation Summit.

How it works

Convetit's virtual ThinkTanks make expert insights an integral part of any business practice

1 • Identify

Handpick experts and a professional moderator

2 • Engage

Inspire dialogue to vet ideas and draw conclusions in 3-5 days

3 • Amplify

Turn insights into action or premium content (blog, infographics, ebooks, etc.)

Every ThinkTank concludes with custom infographics


No scheduling of meetings required

3-5 day process with proven results

Custom insights on timely topics in two weeks, end-to-end


High Value:
Maximizes quality and quantity of participation

Control of terms and privacy settings

Flexible features and structure to meet diverse needs


Tools built around science of engagement

Superior user experience

Group dynamic generates better results

Clear and curated outcomes

Create the cadence that maximizes impact

1. Select the number of ThinkTanks per year

2. Select the average number of experts per ThinkTank sourced by Convetit.

(You can add as many of your own team or experts as you like)

5 ThinkTanks

15 Experts

for 12 months

Platform access

Info-graphic summaries

Professional facilitator

Coaching and Support

Set up your ThinkTank now, and pay when you're ready to launch your first one

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