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  • Hi-Velocity Innovation

    Get breakthrough perspective with passionate teams of experts, on demand


  • Tap into the power of Knowledge Syndicates™: Get actionable insights
    from top innovators in just 12 business days, from today!

    5 steps:

    • Describe the insights you seek and be matched up with a world class facilitator.

    • Relevant innovators apply and you select the top 15-20 based on their introduction and bio.

    • Engage in a 5-day, private, moderated online engagement.

    • Review and approve your infographic based report produced by Convetit.

    • Own your content: keep it, share it, repurpose it, or sell it.

  • How do I secure my IP ?

    All participants are screened and sign-off on:

    • IP rights belong to the host

    • Non-disclosure agreements

    • Conflict of interest

    • Any custom terms you wish to present

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