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Artificial Intelligence


Advance innovation in the space of machine learning, AI, ambient computing, and human machine interfaces to create a more productive and higher quality way of life.
38 Members

Building Private Public Partnerships


Help companies, organizations and cities to find ways to derive mutual benefit from working together.
29 Members

Purpose Driven Brands


Help companies develop more Purpose Driven brands
34 Members

Geospatial and pattern recognition


Increasing the access and understanding of spatial data and pattern recognition capabilities such that it unlocks new innovations that benefit all mankind.
20 Members

Consumer Packaging


Advance innovation in consumer packaging
29 Members

Internet of Things (IOT) in Life Sciences & Healthcare


To improve the quality of patient outcomes, clinical trial effectiveness, and predictive care by leveraging IOT.
36 Members



Advancing Global Health by combining Common Sense with Innovation
26 Members

Plastic, Reconstructive and General Surgery


Advancing plastic, reconstructive and general surgery practices using breakthrough techniques and innovation.
37 Members

Digital Marketing Innovation


Understanding how digital marketers assist businesses growth and support their customer's growth through differentiated marketing services
83 Members

Generator Sets and Small Scale Energy Distribution


Increasing demand for on-site generation and small scale distributed energy presents opportunities for high-speed generator sets.
28 Members

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Sample Insights


Market Expansion for Online Insurance

As online personal insurance sellers that allow customers to search for, compare, and buy services, these innovative comparison portals and marketplaces have begun to expand into the small business commercial and cyber security categories. Experts will come together to discuss value systems of small business owners and managers growing and protecting their businesses.

We are assembling a high-caliber panel of 15 small business owners, key stakeholders in the insurance market, and insurance thought-leaders in this space to discuss over a 4-day panel of online engagement.

- Determine the challenges, drivers, trends and frictions specific to purchasing small business commercial and cybersecurity insurance products
- Develop a thorough list of alternatives and identify the unmet need in the market .
- Define the key characteristics that would need to be true to make positive impact.
- Define the recommended path(s) for a viable solution and identify the critical success factors in deployment.

Seeking Expert Participation

- Small business owners, some of whom have sought commercial or cybersecurity insurance 
- Key stakeholders who serve this market such as insurance agents, benefits consultants, cyber security experts and other small business service providers. 
- Thought leaders from academia, government, or media in the area of insurance and security for small businesses. 

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IoT - Market Movers Online Panel

Sr. Management at Huawei is assembling a 25-seat, private, online panel of top thought leaders and influencers (authors, executives, academics, top analysts, etc) from around the world in the space of IoT, specifically to analyze the inter-relationship between networking companies, carriers, and open-source.

The 4-day online discussion allows participation around the clock, at your convenience, and will give you a rare opportunity to learn and interact with your peers who are also thinking deeply about the road ahead.

The outcome of this dialogue is only for the consumption of the participants and the sponsor. While the transcript and other assets will be kept in confidence, the learnings and experience are certainly yours to grow from. A $500 honorarium will also be paid to all participants.

- Describe the IoT landscape across networking equipment providers, carriers and open-source platforms.
- Identify key technologies and their promise to make real-world impact.
- Assess the level of maturity and interdependency of key technologies.
- Identify likely winners in the space in the near future.

Seeking Expert Participation

- Thought leaders and futurists (authors, speakers, academics, etc) of IoT
- Current or former executives at IoT companies, primarily Fortune 1000 companies, but start-ups considered
- Top consulting analysts specific to IoT market dynamics

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Innovations in Patient Adherence Technology

Patient adherence proposes a specific set of challenges to medical companies aiming to deliver quality healthcare. Patient non-compliance can threaten health and well-being, as well as carry an economic burden for both patients and providers. We are seeking insights into innovations in medical packaging and devices that are deployed through the pharmacy supply chain.

We are assembling a high-caliber panel of 15 experts in patient adherence and pharmaceutical retail, medical wholesalers, and insurers to discuss the innovations that will determine the future of medical packaging and devices over a 4-day panel of online engagement.

Project Objectives:
— Better understand the needs of the market.
— Explore and map the current landscape.
— Identify future directions.
— Determine a recommended path.

Seeking Expert Participation

— Pharmacists in hospital, retail, and specialty areas
— Experts in patient adherence
— Medical wholesalers and insurers
— Pharmaceutical supply chain experts

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