Practice Innovation Like Your
Company Depends On It

Custom Online Advisory Boards
Any Subject, Anywhere, Built in a week,
Run from 4 Days up to 4 Quarters


Learn Faster


Drive More Revenue

Today, 25 of the Fortune 100 use
Convetit Virtual Advisory Boards for a range of reasons.

Detect opportunities early, Vet quickly, Grow revenue and
Repeat a standard practice easily across the business.


Why ask one expert for their bias, when you can
ask a board for their vetted insights


Board applicants are screened and assembled with no cost or commitment in just a couple days.


Expert applicants are sourced from around the globe specific to each request, and just like our customers they are eager for the rare opportunity to learn from another.


While clients are usually anonymous, all board members are fully profiled*, screened for conflict, under NDA and IP Rights agreements.


Each board is managed by an expert facilitator who guides the process from end to end, ensuring client teams get the most out of each experience.

* Sunshine Act boards are double blind


"A lean Practice of Innovation on Virtual Advisory Boards
gets our teams actively learning and driving customer centricity."

J&J Senior Supply Chain Manager

Virtual Advisory Boards are relevant across
all industries, across the business

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Start with a project and grow to a Practice of Innovation

Discovery Board
Subscription Detect Fast Moving Frontier Track Fast Moving Trends Be More Relevant to Customers
Design Sprints
Project Based Define a Market whitespace Develop a Value Prop Prototype an Approach Accelerate Sales
Strategic Leadership
  • C Suite
  • Strategy, Innovation
  • Head of R&D
  • Corp Ventures
  • M&A
Lines of Business
  • Supply Chain
  • R&D Teams
  • Product Teams
  • Product Marketing
  • Research
Demand Gen. Teams
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Product Leaders
  • Key Account Teams

For Enterprise Teams

Discovery Boards make it possible to track specific spaces over months or quarters.

  • Facilitator Led
  • 15 Board members
  • Upgrade board members
  • Semi Monthly Summary Calls
  • Custom Quarterly Report
  • 2 month minimum
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Design Sprints enable teams to take action and get them to a specific destination quickly; validate a course of action, and align internal teams to move together, in just days

  • Facilitator Led
  • 15-20 Board Members
  • Four 24hour Phases
  • Daily Summary Calls
  • Custom Deliverables
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Practice Innovation Like Your
Company Depends On It

Learn Faster
Drive More Revenue