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Kevin O'Malley VP Marketing at SalesLoft


Kevin Ascher Modernizing sales with tech, tools, and technique

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Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager Past 30 days points: 191
Joana Santos Digital Marketing Consultant Past 30 days points: 143
David Cottrell Let me show you where to compete, how to win and get you organised for success Past 30 days points: 141
Joseph Zuccaro Transforming Marketing and Sales Teams with the power of the MarTech stack. Past 30 days points: 76
Joan Dharmadi Senior Business Development Manager Past 30 days points: 32
Primo Bonacina Managing Partner, PBS - Primo Bonacina Services Past 30 days points: 32
Michael Phelan Principal @ Go-to-Market Pros: |Digital Marketing |Revenue Generation| Pipe Acceleration| GTM Plans | Market Research Past 30 days points: 31
Fehmida Kapadia Helping organizations manage projects, acquire customers and scale their business Past 30 days points: 24
Ed Addison CEO, Founder, Adviser and Serial Entrepreneur of Disruptive New Ventures, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Professor Past 30 days points: 21
Lisa Kilawee Vice President, Alliance Strategy at Caravan Health Past 30 days points: 17
Kathy Jia Senior Director Past 30 days points: 15
Dan Harper Business Advisor -- Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting Past 30 days points: 8
Jeff Davis B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Expert , Speaker, and Coach Past 30 days points: 3
David Feidner Collaborative Global and Business Development Leadership Past 30 days points: 2
Darrell Ellens I Help CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CFOs and Authors Become Thought Leaders. World-Class LinkedIn Profile Makeovers #SocialSelling Past 30 days points: 1
Robert Cameron “Senior Integrated B2B Direct Marketing Strategist: Building brands for the future”
Alexander Robinson BDM Seeing Machines | Co-Founder Airly | Writer | Pilot
Vishal Srivastava B2B Technology & SaaS Marketing - helping growing SaaS with Digital Marketing & Sales Planning and Execution
Sameer Mukoo You need a Modern Software Factory. We’ll help you build it.
David Walano Advertising/Marketing, Sales Professional

Transforming the B2B Buying Experience

March 21, 2018 to present

Today's B2B buyers are yearning for a better sales experience. We are bringing together top sales leaders and strategists to explore the best practic... See more

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Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.