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Kevin O'Malley VP Marketing at SalesLoft

15 Panelists

Points earned in last 30 days
Michael Phelan Principal @ Go-to-Market Pros: |Digital Marketing |Revenue Generation| Pipe Acceleration| GTM Plans | Market Research Past 30 days points: 210
Kevin Ascher Modernizing sales with tech, tools, and technique Past 30 days points: 115
Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager Past 30 days points: 110
Sebastian Grodzietzki Chief Growth Officer at PARIS AG | Serial Founder | Business Angel Past 30 days points: 75
Michael Koory My clients gain increased cash and control. Past 30 days points: 71
Gabriela Lavezzari Principal at Vertex Advisors Past 30 days points: 59
Robert Cameron “Senior Integrated B2B Direct Marketing Strategist: Building brands for the future” Past 30 days points: 59
Fanish Shukla Enterprise Integration Architect Past 30 days points: 43
Bill Beckman Regional Sales Director at ARANZ Medical Past 30 days points: 31
Lisa Kilawee Vice President, Alliance Strategy at Caravan Health Past 30 days points: 29
Glenn Wastyn VP Strategic Growth, EMEA at Switchfly, Inc. Past 30 days points: 25
Karl Chang Asia Pacific Sales Director - Global Projects Past 30 days points: 6
Daniel Watt Director of Sales Efficiency for the Americas at Future Electronics Past 30 days points: 2
Paul McRae Healthcare Technology Executive (VP, SVP) | Service Delivery, Data Security, Compliance, Quality Care, Cost Control
Peter Funke Building global teamwork methods and tools with the best team I can find.

Transforming the B2B Buying Experience

March 21, 2018 to present

We are on a mission to make B2B sales more authentic and more value generating. We are bringing together top strategists to explore the best practice... See more

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