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Kyle S Consultant

29 Panelists

Points earned in last 30 days
Ed Addison CEO, Founder, Adviser and Serial Entrepreneur of Disruptive New Ventures, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Professor Past 30 days points: 196
Henry H. Ngan, MBA, CPA Senior International Investment & Financial Executive I FinTech Expert I China Expert I Entrepreneur Past 30 days points: 152
Rainier Van Rietschoten Co-founder - CCO Past 30 days points: 149
Christine Ng Manager & Principal Engineer, Global Nutrition & Technology Solutions for Health, Ingredient & Product Innovations Past 30 days points: 122
Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager Past 30 days points: 115
Paul Wilkinson Head of Technology Research at Tesco Labs Past 30 days points: 97
Dawn Houghton Innovation Consultant Past 30 days points: 84
Ricardo Santos Co-founder and CEO at Heptasense Past 30 days points: 77
Michael Fruhling We deliver attractive technical solutions for our consumer packaged goods clients, not expensive proposals. Past 30 days points: 72
Amr Metwaly Student Assistant @ NIAR WSU Past 30 days points: 53
Scott McIntyre President - (501c6); MD - coVENTURES Past 30 days points: 51
Max Huang Product & System Innovation, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain Past 30 days points: 48
Hitesh Mathpal Consultant - Cloud, Mobile and Blockchain Past 30 days points: 42
Nick Huber Design Director Past 30 days points: 36
Cory Nation Program Lead, Innovation at Rolls-Royce Past 30 days points: 34
Kendrick Kho Investor Past 30 days points: 34
Falguni Desai Global Head of Strategy Past 30 days points: 30
Richard Swart, PhD VP | Collective Intelligence | FinTech | Early Stage VC | University Researcher | Board Member | Keynote Past 30 days points: 26
Dr. Nissim Zur A technology evangelist: Mission Critical IoT Wireless devices & deep learning Artificial Intelligence Past 30 days points: 25
Rose Chen IoT Ecosystem | Global Business Development | GE Digital | Board Member Past 30 days points: 24
Fanish Shukla Enterprise Integration Architect Past 30 days points: 24
Chris Meyer Anticipate and shape the future of business Past 30 days points: 13
Laurence Mathieu Digital Transformation Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Past 30 days points: 10
John Winsor Founder/CEO at Open Assembly/Visiting Executive at Harvard Business School Past 30 days points: 6
Taylor Dawson CEO at Giddy
Richard Burton Strategy, innovation, business change and development
Trond Bugge Director Collaborative Innovation at Kairos Future
Bart Groenewoud International workshop & training facilitator
Melina Davis-Martin Chief Operating Executive & EVP | Turnaround Expert | CEO | Strategist | Connector

The Future of Crowdsourcing Platforms

March 13, 2018 to present

Crowdsourcing is applicable to all industries and we're interested in understanding who is adopting crowdsourcing models to gain insights from consume... See more

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