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Points earned in last 30 days
Richard Burton Strategy, innovation, business change and development Past 30 days points: 229
Dawn Houghton Innovation Consultant Past 30 days points: 224
Ricardo Santos Co-founder and CEO at Heptasense Past 30 days points: 153
Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager Past 30 days points: 120
Roberto Alvarez Bucholska Gamification in education expert, speaker and advocate. Host of Professor Game and working at IE Business School Past 30 days points: 105
Nitin Anand Chief Commercial Officer Past 30 days points: 88
Patrick Henz Head of Governance & Compliance US and Regional Compliance Officer Americas at Primetals Technologies . AI. Past 30 days points: 84
Falguni Desai Global Head of Strategy Past 30 days points: 83
Nick Huber Design Director Past 30 days points: 73
Joan Dharmadi Senior Business Development Manager Past 30 days points: 66
Rainier Van Rietschoten Co-founder - CCO Past 30 days points: 64
Darius Kemp Strategic Brand Builder, Insights Integrator, Innovation Activator, Culture Creator Past 30 days points: 56
Ed Addison CEO, Founder, Adviser and Serial Entrepreneur of Disruptive New Ventures, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Professor Past 30 days points: 22
Claudia Resta Digital PR & Community Manager Past 30 days points: 22
James Kadtke, Ph.D. Expert on Converging Technologies at Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University Past 30 days points: 3
Dr. Nissim Zur A technology evangelist: Mission Critical IoT Wireless devices & deep learning Artificial Intelligence Past 30 days points: 1
Cory Nation Program Lead, Innovation at Rolls-Royce
Max Huang Product & System Innovation, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain
Hitesh Mathpal Consultant - Cloud, Mobile and Blockchain
Melina Davis-Martin Chief Operating Executive & EVP | Turnaround Expert | CEO | Strategist | Connector
Faiq Shaikh, M.D. Physician-researcher in Translational Biomedical Informatics, Machine Learning, Cancer imaging & Radiomics.
Lowry Curley Chief Executive Officer at AxoSim

The Future of Crowdsourcing Platforms

March 13, 2018 to present

Crowdsourcing is applicable to all industries and we're interested in understanding who is adopting crowdsourcing models to gain insights from consume... See more

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Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.