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Adam Malofsky, PhD Managing Partner, Elemence - We Help, Listen & Learn - $2.5+B Innovation/yr - Collaborator, Innovator, Advisor, Speaker

19 Panelists

Fabrice Angelini Trainer & Digital Projects Manager Southern Europe Past 30 days points: 2781
Ed Addison CEO, Founder, Adviser and Serial Entrepreneur of Disruptive New Ventures, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Professor Past 30 days points: 1578
Don Smith Inventor and Founder at 1nhaler Past 30 days points: 1414
David Whewell Director, Architecture and Software Innovation Past 30 days points: 1068
Anand V Consultant Past 30 days points: 1044
Harpreet Sethi Senior Data Scientist , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Past 30 days points: 902
Iain Hennessey Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children's Hospital Past 30 days points: 676
Chris Woods Digital Business Transformation I Internet of Things I Analytics Past 30 days points: 501
Skye Hodson Senior Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur, Biochemist (PhD) Past 30 days points: 492
Ricardo Santos Co-founder and CEO at Heptasense Past 30 days points: 102
Dennis Lauth Pharmaceutical Executive with 20+ years of driving growth, promoting transformation and improving business performance Past 30 days points: 67
Simon Lin Research CIO at Nationwide Children's Hospital; Tel: 614-355-6629 Past 30 days points: 55
Donald Wedding Data Scientist / Statistician Past 30 days points: 46
Melvin Golosinda Medes Nurse Specialist ✬ Academic Coordinator, College of Nursing ✬ Counselor, Texila American University Past 30 days points: 41
Arnab Paul CEO Patient Planet l Board Member l Blockchain in Healthcare Past 30 days points: 36
Veronika Litinski Chief Operations Officer
Ed Fernandez Early Stage & Startup VC, Advisor, Investor & Entrepreneur - YPO
Alex Wang Partner at Markesman Group
Michele Moschetta, MD, PhD Associate Director Physician at AstraZeneca, Medical Oncologist

Exploring AI Technologies in Life Sciences

May 8, 2018

Developing a Multidisciplinary Understanding of Biotechnology AI Applications and Futures

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