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Brandon Conover CTO and VP of Business Development at Bennett Aerospace, Inc.

15 Panelists

Patrice L. Tiolet, INPG, MBA, CPSM Digital transformation | Shared Services Centres | Sourcing, Purchasing & SCM | Innovation | CSR | MBA CPSM INPG ENSIMAG Past 30 days points: 710
Lisa Mitchell MApp Stats MBA FAICD Internationally Exp Director I Senior Exec I Trusted Advisor I Value Chain Transformation I Performance Imp Specialist Past 30 days points: 528
Cory Nation Program Lead, Innovation at Rolls-Royce Past 30 days points: 527
Thompson Mackey, ARM Risk Management Consultant at EPIC ➟ Advising World's Leading Companies on Insurance + Due Diligence + Compliance + Risk Past 30 days points: 420
Adam Malofsky, PhD Managing Partner, Elemence - We Help, Listen & Learn - $2.5+B Innovation/yr - Collaborator, Innovator, Advisor, Speaker Past 30 days points: 419
Evans Iyamu, MBA Accountant & Financial Analyst | MBA Past 30 days points: 357
Donnie H. Brooks President Sales at HUA QIANG Shoes Co. Ltd. Past 30 days points: 260
Mario Orozco Director of Strategy and Business Development at KIIN ENERGY, Investor, Board Member, and Entrepreneur; former Management Consultant at Bain & Company Past 30 days points: 246
Ian Gibson Professor at University of Twente Past 30 days points: 226
Ufuk Kivrak Managing Director Past 30 days points: 188
Arsalan Minhas Director Solution Consulting at OpenText Past 30 days points: 153
Michael A. Campagna, CPIM Chief Marketing Officer at Mimo Monitors Past 30 days points: 111
Fanish Shukla Enterprise Architect, Innovator, Founder, Speaker and DeepListener Past 30 days points: 83
Srikant Menon Director of Internet of Things (IOT), Digital Manufacturing, Enterprise Digital Transformation, Design Enthusiast Past 30 days points: 49
Mani V G S Founder, The Chainworks

The Future of Industrial Manufacturing

May 7, 2018

The mission of this Advisory Board will be to assess the current state of industrial manufacturing and both its near-term and long-term evolution acro... See more

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