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Frank Kovacs Global Head, Digital Business & EPMO

15 Panelists

Parminder Sohal Digital Transformation, Mobility, Cloud and Edge Computing (IoT and AI) Past 30 days points: 795
Harpreet Sethi Senior Data Scientist , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Past 30 days points: 421
Alejandro Alija Industry X.0 Manager | Business & Technology Integration at Accenture Past 30 days points: 418
Sibendu Das IT Leadership, Strategy & Planning, Enterprise Solution Architect, Digital & Cloud Transformation Past 30 days points: 350
Ricardo Santos Co-founder and CEO at Heptasense Past 30 days points: 338
Fanish Shukla Enterprise Architect, Innovator, Founder, Speaker and DeepListener Past 30 days points: 271
Sebastian Grodzietzki CGO @ PARIS AG | MD @ multiple | Serial Founder | Business Angel | Chief Advisor (Tech + Growth) | Speaker Past 30 days points: 257
Patrick Henz Head of Governance & Compliance US and Regional Compliance Officer Americas at Primetals Technologies . AI. Past 30 days points: 199
Anthony Assi Google Cloud Engineer ☁ Past 30 days points: 148
Jacobs Edo Trusted Advisor | Enterprise & Solution Architect | Public Speaker | Author Past 30 days points: 137
Hitesh Mathpal Consultant - Cloud, Mobile and Blockchain Past 30 days points: 137
James Barry CTO and Co-Founder at Dcntral Past 30 days points: 117
Daniele Vanzanelli Principal @ Arthur D. Little Past 30 days points: 83
Christopher Carrington Enterprise Cloud Architect at Franciscan Alliance, Inc. > Increasing IT agility to move at the speed of our business Past 30 days points: 65
Michael Phelan Principal @ Go-to-Market Pros: |Digital Marketing |Revenue Generation| Pipe Acceleration| GTM Plans | Market Research Past 30 days points: 22

The Future of Cloud Technologies

May 30, 2018

To better understand the Future of Cloud Technologies across different industries, the challenges of implementation, and impact cloud technologies wil... See more

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