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IoT in Elder care


So, what are the IoT devices in market that are disrupting the traditonal healthcare delivery mechanism

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Senior Care Management
Arnab Paul
more than 1 month ago

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elder patients wearing gps wearables will allow geo fencing, watches or clothes that monitor heart beat, temperature , rules engine and Ai analytics that will process the data and generate alerts for each patient, etc. IoT brings a wealth of capabilities that will imptove the care of these patients

Juan Asenjo
more than 1 month ago
Are there some vendors that come to mind? - Thomas more than 1 month ago

Juan brings up going points as well - there's been a lot of research done on the wearables side. For example, besides the larger improvement of care, it's a matter of improving the access of care. For patients who do not have access to vehicles or transportation for PCP visits, wearables can be used as a placeholder to check vitals information (i.e., as Juan mentioned, heart beat, etc.)

In addition, there are other options, such as 'smart' pill devices which can monitor and improve medication adherence and can notify caretakers.

Asif Sheikh
more than 1 month ago

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