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How can you get an organization to focus and commit to revolutionary product development in consumer goods?

Product Development
Steve Swenson
11 months ago

2 answers


By investing on a world class Insights resource, promoting consumer and shopper centric decision making, and proving that the innovation in questions solves a key consumer /shopper unmet need. and by launching it faster than your competitors!

Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu
3 months ago

By having multiple departments involved in the development so there is wide-spread buy in. It is key to create development committees that have representatives from all facets of the business including product development, sales, marketing, logistics, accounting, human resources, tech, etc.This will help the project generate a wide range of ideas and viewpoints and also that all departments take ownership in development process.The committee should not be made up solely of executives, it should be made up of line workers who have fresh ideas and understand how the works gets done. There should be no "Nos" in the meetings so creative thinking is not shut down.

Lisa Hendrickson
11 months ago

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