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Advancing Innovative and Disruptive Technologies in Personalized Medicine


What core technologies are most prevalent in driving personalized medicine to a new level?

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Stuti Desai
7 months ago

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Hello- I have been giving some thought to the use of partnerships for sales efforts on these types of devices. For instance, A pharmacy could promote automated medication dispensing machines and specific blood glucose monitoring machines as their "recommended device". A physicians office could promote DNA related testing devices in conjunction with a tailored or customized nutrition program. A physical therapy company could promote devices that are geared toward virtual reality experiences or wifit type of fitness devices.

Shawna Carlson
6 months ago

Devices that measure and report pacemaker function, blood sugar and blood clotting reduce the cost and discomfort of clinic visits. I think these are mini miracles, as mom doesn't have to hire a driver or drive unsafely herself. Dad doesn't have to venture out into a Minnesota winter or Phoenix summer, yet critical lab values are timely. On a personalized basis, the MRI can't be beat. It requires no sophistication in medicine; anyone can see anomolies in an organ or circulatory system through the MRI. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Megan Hamilton
7 months ago

Personalized cell therapies is very much up and coming in the world of medicine. Technologies such as photodepletion are commonly used.

Maartje Geraedts
6 months ago

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