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What IoT products will change the way we view our senior years (70+)?


For those of us that work with seniors, I would like to know what trends you see happening to help seniors live more safely and independently? What might be the next wave of innovations on how this helps us age better?

Aging in Place
Kay Bransford
7 months ago

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I love this innovation out of SRI...I talked with the prior CEO of SRI about it and he brags about its effectiveness...says that it makes walking dramatically easier...keeping people moving is the key for good mental and physical health...even if its a lot easier.

Thomas O'Malley
7 months ago

I believe IOT devices will play a key role allowing seniors live safer and more independent. This is a demographic that needs a very simple user experience across multiple devices. Some uses would include:

  • Health monitoring: Devices will be monitoring basic vitals (heart rate, sugar levels, blood pressure, acceleration/fall), tracking data for doctors and notifying care gives in case of an emergency.
  • Medication dispensers can be configured to deliver medication as needed, with much higher ability to configure customized doses depending on vitals, time of day or exercise level.
  • Robots (including self-driving cars) will facilitate mobility, and help with common tasks (cleaning, laundry, exercise aids, etc)
  • Identification bracelets will remove the need to remember complex passwords or carry keys, and will allow customized experiences across devices.
  • Voice-activated devices with artificial intelligence should allow for more intuitive user interfaces.
Jose Fernandez
5 months ago
Love your points, I agree completely - Scott 5 months ago

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