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Aging In Place Top Products?


What are some recommended products we should consider for a single adult who wants to stay in their home? Particularly interested in safety and medication recommendations.

Aging in Place
Kay Bransford
10 months ago

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The Amazon Echo product with Alexa virtual assistant is intriguing because you can use it to schedule reminders for medication and make hands free calls. The "always on/listening" feature at first sounds invasive but it does serve as a digital sentry for the elder who is home alone. It's like the Life Alert product from the 90's but more useful. One of my biggest fears for my elderly parents is that they fall down and simply wait in pain for hours until someone finds them because they can reach their phone.

Philip Tuet
10 months ago
Good to know, have you had success with it or seen it in use with good recommendations? I loved the SNL commercial for Amazon Silver. ; > - Kay 10 months ago
I've seen a live demo but still trying to convince parents to go for it. Need to persuade them it's cool like their fancy iphones and not just for my peace of mind. - Philip 10 months ago
I agree that concept of an "intelligent robot" (for lack of a better term) is a great technology for aging in place. My 89 year old mother wants someone to respond to her needs. It doesn't need to be a doctor and it doesn't need to be me. That leaves a lot of space for assistance in-between. - Michael 10 months ago

My 3 siblings and I are caring for our 91 year old mother who insists on staying in the family home. Our biggest challenge is communicatons. Whenever an adverse event occurs, triage is our biggest challenge, we need to understand what has happened, what resources are dealing with the problem and whether additional resources need to be added or not. We have a life alert type system, and if it works and an ambulance or police are needed, it is OK. However many events don't rise to that level. Doctors, pharmacies or therapists need to be scheduled and coordinated with in home care givers, transportation arragned, follow up instructions understood and acted on. Getting accurate information incorporated into a calendar and sharing that with all the stakeholders and caregivers is a challenge, especially when doctors and pharmacies resist using electronic communications due to HIPPA obstacles.

Len Keck
10 months ago
I had the same issue when my parents were still in there home. I was the only local one and then had to make 3 calls to tell each sibling what was going on. It was maddening. I have seen some portals out there that might help like but wondered what others are using. - Kay 10 months ago

In order to maintain the independence of elderly people at home a ‘smart rollator’ is indispensable: equipped with an early warning mechanism with integrated GPS module in case of need. On the one hand you can determine the location of the person, on the other hand you can communicate.

Stephanie Hollaus
10 months ago
This will work with someone using a walker. What is they aren't using a walker, are there other devices? I've seen a pendant and a wrist device, both kind ugly and clumsy. Anyone working on making something with more utility (like building it into the watch?) - Kay 10 months ago

If a two story house, if possible move them down stairs. If necessary to use stais, you can buy and install chairs that ride them up and down safely.
Bathroom tub and shower need safety bars. May need to replace a tub with the walk in tube.
Consider ramps on exterior if whelchair access is needed.
ADT makes emergency alert medallion, they can wear aroung their naeck.
Prepared food services that deliver
Grocery delivery services
Someone trustworthy should review thier checking and other accounts peridoically. Set up auto payments as much as possible. And auto deposits on checks. Set up alerts at banks to text you of any large amounts withdrawn.

Styron Powers
10 months ago
Thanks. - Kay 10 months ago
Walk in shower or shower chair are absolute necessities along with safety bars. A handicap height toilet is also a good idea. And get rid of all rugs that are trip hazards. Falls lead to broken hips which are the beginning of the end. - Dawn 5 months ago

There is a android/iphone application called Medacheck that you may want to considered. This application can be programmed to call you with alerts for when a loved one is not on task with medication or chores such as pressureblood or blood sugar monitoring.

Shawna Carlson
10 months ago
Thank you. - Kay 10 months ago

I have seen Philips Lifeline work really well, triggering ambulance service to come and transport the senior person (that I know) to a local hospital. Wheelchair, rubber shoes as well as products that help getting in and out of bath also work. Any product that helps with getting in and out of bed. It might sound irelevant but kitchen utensils that are easy to grip and use, such as knives and spoons can make a difference for an elderly who insists on staying alone.

Inci McGreal, P.Eng., PMP
10 months ago
Thanks. The utensils and jar openers are quite common issues. - Kay 10 months ago
My 89 year old mother now uses a riser toilet seat to help her get up/down, a "grabber" that allows her to grasp items on the floor without having to bend, and bed rails which allow her to get into and out of bed, and a device that she hooks over car door hinges to facilitate entry/exit. - Michael 10 months ago

I was recently exposed to a shoe concept that contains sensors that can detect when the wearer has fallen. So, the wearer doesn't need to trigger an alert, simply assuming a sideways positioning is aufficient to trigger a text notice to a contact. The alerts become more intrusive if not shut down.

Michael Fruhling
9 months ago
Is it in the marketplace yet? What is the product name. This would be good for those clients that don't like the medallion or watch due to them not being very fashionable. - Kay 9 months ago

There are some really great technology out there for telehealth at home. We now have components that can use blue tooth technology with blood pressure cuff, scale, pulse oximetry, blood glucose monitoring and more! All the info with a daily survey can be sent to a centralized nursing station for review.

Terence Chiramel
8 months ago

There is a lot of really good and cutting edge technology available and coming into the market.
GrandCare ( is a great age-in-place solution for elderly, and anyone with ailments that need monitoring, multi-party communication.

Vince Silvaer
6 months ago

If you are a spouse or relative of an elderly person who needs live in care consider having things such as the fall or med-alert monitors. Also look into the smartwatch vitals monitoring apps that will be increasingly coming on market.
Also invest in some video cameras to place around the house. These can be monitored from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can then check the video when you get an alert. They are also useful for monitoring hired live-in caregivers. My sister installed monitors into my mother's home when she began failing. When we had to hire live-ins the cameras were pointed out to them. We had agency placed bonded people for six years around the clock. We fired many of these people based on alerts and video checks my sister received.

Tom Muscarello
6 months ago

Optimize medications management through personalized medicine. We see it with our Pillcheck clients: 75% of people who take 3+ meds have issues that can be fixed with pharmacogenomics.
PGx testing identifies inherited variations in drug metabolizing enzymes to determine how an individual will respond to their prescribed drug(s). In a recent study in the US, the use of PGx testing reduced hospitalizations by 39% and ED visits by 71% in elderly patients taking multiple medications

Veronika Litinski
5 months ago

A security monitoring system can help caregivers check in on parents when they are far away. Like Arlo or Nest. Some can let you talk to each other with a monitor as well.

Dawn Houghton
5 months ago

I would recommend to have a cctv monitoring installed and also appoint a maid or care taker to look on regular basis. They should have proper emergency alarm with easy access.

Abhishek Raj
4 months ago

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