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Supporting Intrinsic motivation in future


Most tech advancements that are geared towards helping people increase their lifestyles are focused on extrinsic motivators (rewards systems such as badges, points, money, etc). This has its place. However, as the future of tech and work create job loss, intrinsic motivation will be required for people to find new ways of contributing to society. Can tech support intrinsic motivation, truly?

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Human Behaviour and Performance
Ariel Snapp
4 months ago

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interesting question.
for intrinsic motivation, I myself must “belief” in the solution (e.g. Technology) as it gains me something that I had no access to before (a functionality or goods).

So initial thoughts about robotics that can help me to do things that I could not do before, but that I always would have wanted...

Peter Huisman
4 months ago

Tech cannot support intrinsic motivation. As people before me already stated, intrinsic motivation comes from within. At best, tech can facilitate things or make sure negative attitudes towards processes can be steered in an other direction. Tech is a means, not a goal in itself.

Patrick Bruin
3 months ago

I agree with Peter, I have to believe that the solution will enable me to gain something different, give a constructive feedback and provide with positive challenges

Paolo Beffagnotti
3 months ago

In my personal experience, intrinsic motivation comes from within. This is a self-driven incentive based desire that drives success in the absence of reward. I believe that technology can aid in the development of this particular type of motivation. Certain visual and audio cues can stimulate behaviors that perhaps may have been buried for years. There are definitely more emotional cues within us that can be derived from various stimuli (provided by technology or not) including fear. The fear of failure and my passion for life, science and technology has allowed me to be deeply immersed in all of the projects that I take on. Perhaps technology can also help track progress and planning when taking something on that requires motivation and perseverance (i.e. grad school, professional organizations, etc.). Technology will only take us so far, psychological and physical attribute will truly take us the rest of the way.

Jeffrey Seres, EIT
3 months ago

Tech or no tech is not a big game changer for intrinsic motivation. It is about that human employees believe in the good of the company's outcome. Due reach this, of course, the company needs first a product with offers such a positive outcome; and then explain this to the employees. The first may not always be given, as not everything which his legal, is also ethical, meaning has a positive benefit for the society.

Tomorrow's employees will not be completely different than today's. Industry 4.0 and AI, from the beginning are neither good or bad. There are many examples that they can support the good, but this is not an automatically development. If we not ethically guide the new technologies, they can also develop they darker side. ( )

Patrick Henz
3 months ago

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