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As AI/Machine Learning technologies begin truly transforming peoples day-to-day lives, how are industry leaders and communities working together to better understand how disruptive an autonomous Machine-to-Machine Economy (M2M) will be to our existing economic infrastructure.

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Robert Baffi
11 days ago

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I saw some great use cases at CA World. One of the most impressive was Amazonas, the largest state in Brazil, in which they have connected all of the citizens in the cities and the rainforests via mobile devices to 41 state services. For every dollar the country is spending on technology they are saving three because they don't need as many physical offices to serve their citizens.

The state of Kentucky's Health and Human Services has done the same thing.

I look forward to greater adoption across the U.S. with smart cities improving infrastructure as well as quality of life.

C. Thomas (Tom) Smith, III
11 days ago
Thank you for bringin the Amazonas example to my attention. I was unfamiliar with that project and will educate myself on what they are learning with their undertaking. - Robert 11 days ago

for example M2M is now used for remote controlling, logistic services and supply chain management. Vending machines inform distributors about the stock available for any product, when something is running low you get an alert. To set this up you just need an online network and a software to analyze data in the right way and take decisions based on this

Paolo Beffagnotti
10 days ago

Virtual Twins are in the process to get implemented in all kind of industries. The virtual twin can predict, when the real twin will need a spare part. If this part is inside a defined group ("white list"), the client machine may automatically order it from the the vendor machine, without any human interaction.

Patrick Henz
10 days ago

M2M has actually been around for many years and a multi-billion dollar segment starting with SMS text messaging to a database as used in India, China and does not have to be 5G and the latest greatest to make money. Many of the applications follow historical RFID and AIDC business which has been around for 40-years.

Bennet Bayer
10 days ago
Thanks for your input Bennet. The M2M Economy I am referring is when transactions, job bids, and labor will be 100% conducted by Autonomous robots leveraged across tens of millions of IoT devices and related sensors. - Robert 10 days ago

In my opinion, business leaders are not examining the disruptive impact of AI. AI has suddenly gotten hot ... and it is very real. It's not a buzz word like "big data". AI has suddenly made quantum leaps within the past year. In my opinion, it has caught everybody off guard at the growth of the technology. I believe that companies do need to take stock in how AI will affect their businesses, employees and customers. But I don't believe they are doing this right now. They were caught "flat footed"

Donald Wedding
10 days ago

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