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Missing link


What is the missing link , is there any product that offers 360 degree solutions including drug delivery at home

Arnab Paul
1 month ago
CVS Health is looking to do something here with Uber. A big part of the missing link that no one is tackling is that prescription orders are part of the patient discharge plans when they leave the hospital. About 1/3rd of patients don't fill their scripts upon discharge and another 1/3rd don't adhere correctly to the the discharge plans. Underttanding the patient journey is key. - Denise

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A true 360 telehealth system would require sensors that can provide doctors with the data they need for an accurate diagnosis as well as sensors to monitor a patient's compliance with their medical/medication instructions. Compliance is a greater concern for elderly patients who are often being treated for multiple conditions. While the appropriate sensors may already exist as part of smart home technology, I am not certain that any company has created an integrated system to diagnose and monitor patients remotely except in specific cases such as telemetric heart monitors for patients with heart disease.

Alfred Malouf
1 month ago

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