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Today we are moving into Digital Enterprise but at the same time we are running legacy applications and infrastructure. How you make sure you provide assurance that this transition will work as per the plan and able to meet the customer needs to improve the processes, increase agility and bring innovation?

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Parminder Sohal
4 months ago

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Best practices is to run any new process in parallel with the old process for six months before cutting over.

George Kendall
3 months ago
that is definitely one way to over come the issue - Parminder 3 months ago

I think to identify a set of users for pilot and a soft launch of processes with a feedback model can also work. A training is always must. I have seen organizations taking training at the last priorities when processes are changed. 

Of course, running both the process parallel for some time is a good idea too, but sometimes users are too much comfortable (or used to) into their old processes and they never leave the old processes until they were shut down. In such cases, they do not adhere new process fully since they always had old that worked and they have no time/material to learn the new one. 

Hitesh Mathpal
3 months ago

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