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Will Iota reach $10 by the end of 2018?


Iota (cryptocurrency) has got a lot of attraction lately. Do you think it will reach $10 by the end of 2018?

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Tam Tran
3 months ago

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Everything is possible. It can be 10 it can be 0. But this question has another twist to it. In the crypto ecosystem we have seen several paradigm changes over the last couple of years. First there was Bitcion, then we have seen the rise of NXT, Ethereum. Now we see a new wave of technology emerging that still follows blockchain principals but throws out the blockchain. Therefore it promises that it will be way more scalable than its predecessors. This makes all sense. Just be aware that this technology is experimental and it has not been completed yet. This means if you are going to invest 10 or even 100 is possible but only if it proves that the technology can be completed and there is real world user adoption. So never invest more than you can afford to lose and be patient with your coins.

Mark Berger
3 months ago

With Bitcoin being on such a tear upwards, it's been the main focus for Cryptocurrency investors. We have a number of ICO's that are in progress, and we asked people who invest in our deals what their appetite was was ICO's, Altcoins, etc. A vast majority of them referenced the Bitcoin price spike, and their intention to ride it up until they see it drop so they can sell and take profits.
Given this information, it's my opininon that IOTA enjoyed a nice price jump off of all the positive news, but $10.00 is probably not going to happen unless Bitcoin drops significantly.

Daniel Sloan
3 months ago

I bet yes as it was 0,4$ just one month ago and is the backbone of the Internet of Things. If interested, more info about IOTA is available at

Paolo Beffagnotti
3 months ago

The end of 2018 is a long time from now. IOTA and Tangle are getting some serious attention in the BC community. If that sticks then $10 is certainly doable.

John P.W. Brown
3 months ago

SInce I have tried to implement Iota, and it is a mess, I certainly hope not. Its math is off especially compared to Hasgraph, using similar technology. Its token price jumped 5 X + on an agreemnt to set up a data selling site. Now Microsoft sunk a $1billion into its multiple efforts to sell data. Now put the news that they signed on with IOPTA to try that once agian and I laugh. THe problem with the data market is not about validity of the data or even storing it properly in a bloickchain, but adjust the data so multiple programs will be able to use it. IOTA doesnopt solve the data file problem. To add $5 billion to their token on an announcment about a market that is less than a $1 billion in sales with a different problem hampering adoption is funny and show good pump and dump to me!
And lastly it is well known the the Open Source code has all sorts of deliberate pitfalls to make it impossible for anyone to fork and use their code, a priniple of Open Source. I tried it two weeks ago and found deliverate mis coding (or sloppy ones) that kept me from building a fork, which is totally against Open Source principles. And it means that IOTA is really not Open SOurce. A good explaination from earlier this year.

James Barry
3 months ago

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