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Quality of Skin Care Products.


How can we improve the quality of Skin care products? What are the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) associated with Skin care products? How can these be eliminated or minimised?

Skin Care Products
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Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)
Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP)
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Formulation of Cosmetics/Skincare Products
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Abhishek Raj
7 days ago

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Challenges is what is covered by insurance and what is patient pay-
although people undedstand that dematogical procedure can likely be classified as cosmetic and fall directly to patient it is always the hope as many skin conditions although may apear cosmetic in nature in essence truly havr a medical componet, should be treated by a HCP, and thus should be reimbursed accordingly.

Tricia Sterling
7 days ago
Dear Tricia, Thank you for your answer. You are right people often consider all skin care products as cosmetics but this is not true in case of medicated skin care products and their potency and efficacy is very important as well as the product stability is crucial. How can we improve these to give a quality product to end users? - Abhishek 6 days ago

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