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What do experts think will be the future of AI in Customer Service? Right now, there are two competing schools of thought - one that postulates that AI will replace people and automate customer service completely in the next 15-20 years, while the other advocates for Human + AI interactions that increase human efficiencies by automating repetitive parts of the workflow. The latter also postulates that the AI will not be able to solve all customer service interactions, thus people will continue to lead this business function.

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Titus Capilnean
3 months ago

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As a preface, I used to work in customer service over the phone and I can catogorically tell you that AI is a very long way off dealing with people over the line.
AI itself is fantastic at taking logical inputs, making sense of it and providing an answer. If you ask it to tell you the weather, it'll do exactly that. This is so much different from a customer calling up and going nuts over the phone because they feel like they've been mistreated (when generally they havent). I can not see a world in which a computer can make that empathetical connection and then determine a resolution. In a nutshell, thats the first stumbling block. Understanding human emotion and reading an idividuals behaviour though the phone.
This topped with bad cell quality which could completely throw off a vocal regonition system. Sometimes customers call up and literally explain an issue over the length of 30 minutes, its easy for us humans to be confused. A computer wouldn't stand a chance. Couple these things with local accents, stress and emotion.... I'm just failing to see how all of this will come from a logical processing engine.
People will always lead customer interactions and they rightly should. I do believe AI will slowly adopt more of the job and potentially make thing easier and more efficiently but they absoutely shouldnt take the role on completely and I'm doubtful they ever could... not anytime soon anyway.

Nathan Cooper
3 months ago
I'm 100% with you on the voice aspect. How about text-based interactions? There's more standardization there and less noise. - Titus 3 months ago

AI will replace people in customer service if this will not change. At the moment customer services are quite ineffective and represent a cost more than a benefit for companies. Innovation will save costs (hiring and trainings of the employees) and speed up with cases resolutions. Inquiries could be resolved in 24h without many delays.

Paolo Beffagnotti
3 months ago
Paolo, thank you for your contribution. So you're saying that all customer service inquiries will eventually be solved in 24h by AI, without human involvement? How can customer service functions transform to prevent this from happening and become a benefit center vs the cost center that it is today? - Titus 3 months ago

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