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Future of OTC Hearing Aids


What will happen to the Hearing Aid market now that OTC Hearing Aids will be available in the US with more affordable and accessible options than Prescription Hearing Aids? What are the opportunities and concerns?

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Dawn Houghton
11 days ago

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This should be viewed positively. SInce hearing aids will be more accessible to the public, the cost of prescription hearing aids will be more affordable and the quality would be better. This would increase the awareness of the public to go for screening for deafness of hearing impairment, will get the prescription and buy over the counter.
This is like the availability of reading eyeglasses over the counter. People will have substitute hearing aids, probably some will have 2 or more spares, they can clean the alternative hearing aids, so the availability should not be a threat but should be taken as a challenge for hearing manufacturers for better quality service and better erformance on the hearing impaired who can now access affordable hearing aids

Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB
11 days ago
Thanks! Do you think there is any downside? - Dawn 10 days ago

The future of OTC hearing aids is quite good for patients as they can easily buy it over the counter without any prescription. Those with difficulty in hearing can buy it easily. Also, due to compitition, the price will go down.
The downside of OTC hearing aids:
Patients with hearing difficulty will directly buy it over the counter instead of consulting a doctor.
Due to high compitition the quality of the hearing aids can not be assured from various manufacturers.

Abhishek Raj
6 days ago

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