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Question in: eCommerce

What does Digital really mean?


Is "Digital" the products that aredelivered to the customer, or the process in which a company generates those products?

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Jeremy Drury
7 months ago

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It is the process, but with customer in the center. Before we kept the product at the center and then build the processes. So think like this you are redesigning the process with customer in the focus and how to give the best experience to your customer. It is re desing of process digitally to give the value to the customer.

Parminder Sohal
4 months ago

If we talk about legit sellers and genuine goods, the process is digital and goods are real. When talking about counterfeit, even goods are digital. The inventory is not real, it exists just on online catalogue, it switches to real when anyone if buying it.

Paolo Beffagnotti
4 months ago

I think it's not simple to articulate what digital means. In theory, things were always digital since the inception of the internet. But with the pace of changing technology digital is not only limited to technical projects.  
I think a correct digital approach is to change users' experience with the technology and without making them realize. A combination of devices (IoT), fast data and reliability (Cloud), intelligent information ( Analytics, AI) with the simplest user experience - as if nothing changed, is one of the very important aspects of digital. 

Hitesh Mathpal
4 months ago

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