Social Determinants of Health - How to Capture, How to Analyze, How to Act?


I have been doing a deep dive on the health analytics programs and solutions in the market that capture and analyze Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). I am familiar with what many health plans (large and small) are focusing on with respect to the safety net populations. Curious as to where large health plans are in terms of assessing SDoH with their larger, employer-sponsored plans. My sense is that SDoH analytics are more of a priority for the safety net populations at this point - what are others seeing?

Deanne K
10 months ago

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Dear Deanne,
Great question.
There is definitely much interest in social determinants of health especially with recent focus on population health and chronic disease management. As you know, these SDoH are a heterogeneous group of elements that includes ones that are easy to follow (income, housing, etc) but also ones that are not so easy (hunger, social integration, etc). The later elements are not well defined and therefore difficult to assess.
All of these elements will be best collected and organized by a well delineated cloud platform with embedded analytics that will be an accurate reflection of these elements.
Anthony C. Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

Anthony Chang
10 months ago

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