Block Chain Technology in Health Care


How will block chain technology change the health care industry?

Block Chain health
Balaji Venkatnarayanan
10 months ago

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HSA can be merged with existing investments.
Crowdsource healthcare innovation - oppertunities for MicroInvestments

Ritesh Mehta MBA
10 months ago

Blockchain will :

  1. Minimize ability for healthcare and medical drugs records and manufacturing supply chain manipulation and counterfeiting,
  2. Ensure patient himself and his health record authencity,
  3. Reduce medical mistakes , as every patient has his unique chain record, which is better than just Name, birthdate identifier
Andrey Zolotavin
9 months ago

Blockchain in healthcare is promising because prima facie it appears we would be be able to solve the data breach issues, but we need to figure out a solution for interoperability problems that is plaguing the Legacy systems and other EHR in Silos.

Arnab Paul
9 months ago

• Blockchain technology can effectively control the flow of original medicine from manufacturer to consumer, effectively weeding out counterfeit medicine and also keeping a track of stolen medicine. So, it improves accountability by holding everyone in the chain responsible and also able to pin point any leakages.
• The hospital network running on blockchain based platform can be immune to external malware/ransomware threats. Thus it ensures continuity in service and is specially of importance as patients well being are on the line.
• The patients can also keep a track of all their medical records and avoid medical mistakes especially while transferring from one place to another.
• The blockchain application might reduce both the cost and delivery of drugs to the patients, especially in the developing world.

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
3 months ago

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