Block Chain Technology in Health Care


How will block chain technology change the health care industry?

Balaji Venkatnarayanan
17 months ago

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Blockchain will :

  1. Minimize ability for healthcare and medical drugs records and manufacturing supply chain manipulation and counterfeiting,
  2. Ensure patient himself and his health record authencity,
  3. Reduce medical mistakes , as every patient has his unique chain record, which is better than just Name, birthdate identifier
Andrey Zolotavin
16 months ago

• Blockchain technology can effectively control the flow of original medicine from manufacturer to consumer, effectively weeding out counterfeit medicine and also keeping a track of stolen medicine. So, it improves accountability by holding everyone in the chain responsible and also able to pin point any leakages.
• The hospital network running on blockchain based platform can be immune to external malware/ransomware threats. Thus it ensures continuity in service and is specially of importance as patients well being are on the line.
• The patients can also keep a track of all their medical records and avoid medical mistakes especially while transferring from one place to another.
• The blockchain application might reduce both the cost and delivery of drugs to the patients, especially in the developing world.

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
10 months ago

HSA can be merged with existing investments.
Crowdsource healthcare innovation - oppertunities for MicroInvestments

Ritesh Mehta MBA
17 months ago

Blockchain in healthcare is promising because prima facie it appears we would be be able to solve the data breach issues, but we need to figure out a solution for interoperability problems that is plaguing the Legacy systems and other EHR in Silos.

Arnab Paul
16 months ago

Blockchain technology will eventually be integrated into current serialisation efforts underway and already in place in certain markets.

Charles Gloor
7 months ago

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