Patient Education


What resources will be utilized to inform and prepare patients regarding this type of surgical application?

Karen Iacino
10 months ago

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Since I am not sure what the surgical procedure is I am answering this from a broader list of resources:
I would use a social network like Facebook, depending on the demographic and start a page the surgical procedure. You can give patients the link to the Facebook page when you give them the info sheet. This is how I would push the information.
Resources—note make sure that the resources are in multiple languages and that the page has the translate function activated.

  1. YouTube-- is the surgical procedure on YouTube already? Post to the page
  2. Curated online articles and research about the procedure. Post to the page
  3. Ask the Doctor events that are live and recorded for on demand, have an expert on the subject do a Q & A
  4. Encourage engagement between patients—patients can learn from each other. Have two pages pre and post-surgery page. If the number of surgical patients is high each month over 100, then once they have had the procedure remove them from this page but offering a “surgical success page”.
  5. Let patients share content about procedure with friends, spouses, loved ones, etc… Good for PR in reassuring family but also good for recruitment on procedure.
  6. Assign one person to the responsibility of answering questions, posting, creating events, have them use Buffer or Hootsuite.

The important part is making sure that they sign up for the thread. It can be done when they get the info sheet on how to sign up and what awesome things are on the thread. If you can have them join or send an invite right away the chances of using the service increases.

Karen A. Sorensen
10 months ago

I think I can answer this, depending on the type of the upcoming surgery. I actually admire Karen A. Sorensen for answering that efficiently such a broad matter (as it is posed). Bra jobba K.A. Sorensen! Og god morgen!

Christos Zervas
10 months ago

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