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First step to use block chain


If we think about the uses of block chain, what will be the first place in the value chain to start leveraging it?

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Victoria Cobos Morantes
7 months ago

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I think an easy start to leverage it is within your own company. A blockchain can provide transparency on the value creation flow from raw material through production to customer sales. It is very valuable to understand the time the steps took and the cost that was added. That does not require all the mumbo-jumbo of cryptocurrency, nor are you depending on other companies to join and be part of the chain. Without them a global chain just will not work :(

Tamas Toth
7 months ago

First of all identify the starting case and discuss it internally with your team then working on this. Understand application and implication, which is the impact and the benefits of the blockchain? Have a consensus mechanism and design the nodes

Paolo Beffagnotti
1 month ago

As a secure global transaction concept pioneered in Bitcoin, as a global currency.

Stephen Lowe
7 months ago

Do a small POC within the organization among your small set of suppliers, OE for a product or RM provenance.
And if possible do a smart contract POC as well.
eg. you have 4 entities, one Plant, One Supplier, One Logistics partner and one customer.
For a customized product, your customer puts a request ( you have to identify which attributes you have to capture in the customer UI page)...the same request with those attributes along with time stamp is registered on the blockchain.
The information is viewable by all 4 parties.
As soon customer enters the details, you put additional inputs (page to view and add info will be based on your access rights)
Supplier sees those, add some more stuff as per his UI etc.
Logistics provides views and goes ahead and delivers the product at customer site.
You can see the entire history and make payments by implementing smart contract.
I typed in hurry, if you have further question- feel free to ask.

Piyush Manocha
7 months ago

Blockchain can help secure the supply chain, including prevention of counterfeits.
A company can develop it's own application according to its immediate needs. Governments can implement it in programs like CTPAT.

Jerry Nonkovic
5 months ago

You can start piloting it together with your strategic suppliers or even within your internal supply chain.

Gleb Mikulich
1 month ago

So many blockchain applications for marketing; who would have thought when the financial markets only talk about digital currencies.

Raoul Gruenberg
1 month ago

Digital currencies focus on speculation. What would be of more use in sustainability terms is to apply digital ledger technology (DLT) and explore the transactional nature of sustainability accounting and the potential of using smart contracts and encryption keys to develop a structured ledger from the distributed ledger. Not simple, not straightforward but potential revolutionary.

Glenn Frommer
1 month ago

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