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Digital Transformation For Integrated Logistics Services


Want to explore the potential of integrating track and trace across multi modal logistics on unified platform. Any leads ?

Digital Transformation
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Abhishek Luthra
15 days ago

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Data makes things possible. For example, if one tracks and traces all documents and all goods in an end-to-end supply chain, one can imagine that one will be able to implement the concept of the physical Internet of Things - using a multi modal logistics facilities to move standardized size parcels in a logistics network like the Internet is doing with information.

Patrice L. Tiolet, INPG, MBA, CPSM
15 days ago

There is indeed a lot of data out there, much more than we could imagine. The challenge is to connect that data and turn it into manageable information. A lot of companies are progressing on this, in one industry already easier and faster than the other. As a global forwarding and logistics company, we have managed to turn available data into indicators predicting global trade evolutions, etc, which we can make available for our customers!
At a more operational level, we have as well the tools available on track & trace of movements of goods across the supply chain and the multi-model steps in the supply chain, by connecting our systems and the data in those systems. This can be on a shipment level, but as well on an individual shipper level usinng data loggers,..., which is used in case of high value goods shipments.

Gerry Bosmans
15 days ago

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