Distributor fleet sharing


Current system whereby all distributors in central and eastern Europe have their own fleet of vans and trucks for deliveries seems rather inefficient. One obvious way that noone has implemented yet to my knowledge is a fleet sharing system and I would be very interested to share ideas and experiences in this domain.

Goran Hrzic
10 months ago

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Fleet sharing system obviously in this context would assist in the effective utilization of assets. On the other hand it can hinder operations if not properly managed.
The questions to be answered for this to be effective would be: How the fleet load schedule is managed to serve all the stakeholders. Who manages the joint fleet operations? How is the liabilities shared? Who manages the conflict as they arise to give all a fare hearing and judgement? and other question that gives all a win win change.
The aim of reducing operational cost can not be achieved if the policies and procedures are not straightened up. This does not erode the opportunity of owning your fleet. Under utilization of the fleet can be over-come with fleet sharing.
A high level planning of load scheduling, effective route planning and tracking must be the KPI to review on this.

Moses Ihejieto
10 months ago

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