Are electronic log books the answer for truck drivers?


With over 12+ years experience working for various companies at the Ontario Food Terminal, I see the implementation of e-logs as a detriment to industries where perishables are being transported.
In theory, are there any reasonably alternatives to these e-logs, keeping in mind what's best for everyone involved (trucking companies, drivers, customers, overall health and safety, etc)?

Salvatore Vento
10 months ago

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Salvator, if you are talking about ELD (electronic logging devices), well, it is mandated by law in the United States now and several deadlines to adopt them are approaching in the coming months.
I am also looking forward to seeing the Canadian ELD mandate and my expectation is that it will be fairly similar to the one in the States.
In the US version, there are actually several exemptions, e.g., for short haul trucks, for transportation of agricultural commodity within 150 air miles, etc. So maybe as Canadian mandate is released, you will see some exemptions for perishables that are transported over short distances.
In the end, the idea behind e-logs is to ensure safety, though, except for large trucking companies, no one I talked to likes to be told what to do. But in the end, the Canadian mandate will be the final word on this one.

Jay Dwivedi
10 months ago

Thank you Jay for the response. I'm aware that these ELD's are government mandated. My question was more hypothetical. My aspect of the perishable industry (wholesale fruits/veggies) has a very archaic way of thinking and I do not believe they are prepared for how their business will be impacted. For the most part, these wholesalers do not plan and forecast like the retail chain stores.
Long haul or short haul, in the futue I see every one of my customers requesting team drivers on virtually every load, which is obviously not feasible for these trucking companies.

Salvatore Vento
10 months ago
Thanks for the clarification Salvatore. As you know well, data driven decision making is costly and requires trained professionals. Accordingly, these people also operate on the safe side so that they don't get into trouble. A lot of people I spoke to love paper logs but some of the smartphone apps are pretty user friendly these days. - Jay 10 months ago
Thank you. I appreciate the different perspective and insight. - Salvatore 10 months ago

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