Block Chain And GDPR Management Solutions


How Does Block Chain Management Technology Serve For GDPR Problem Solving.

Bode Ayodele, Chart. PR, MCIPR, FIIM, IDM CPD AWARD
11 months ago

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It can very much solve the General Data Protection Regulatory compliance.
We need to develop the entire use case. Blockchain wil maintain Data Integrity, Security , Immutability etc.
go through this link - We can discuss in detail as need your help to prepare the entire business use case.

Piyush Manocha
10 months ago

While serving GDPR, it adds a complexity layer depending on the Blockchain.
If it is a public blockchain, how to be compliant with storage and usage constraints?
GDPR is asking for the capability to remove personal data, while Blockchain by design does not allow to delete any record. To simulate record removal you will need to have your entry crypted and later erase related keys instead of removing the record to avoid any capability to access the data.

Jean-Luc A
10 months ago

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