Medical wearable technology- Will patients comply?


It seems the medical industry are following the wearables trend. There are many benefits to wearables (i.e. patient mobility and discretion). Wearables are often connected too, bringing further benefits such as remote monitoring. However, will patients see the benefits of wearable, connected technology? Or, will they feel part machine? Or watched and judged on their behaviour?
What can products/systems do to increase the perceived benefits of wearable tech, and reduce the perceived negatives?

Reece Knight
11 months ago

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This is a great question. One of the major issues with patient adoption of wearable technology is that in most cases the patients act as data generators, but receive no meaningful feedback that are connected to their health outcomes. Designing the feedback mechnism around patient workflow would improve the probability of patients using wearable technology.
There are cases where wearables have helped manage chronic disease management, especially diabetes and asthma. There is peace of mind if a machine or a wearable keeps a close eye on patient adherence to the rehab protocol. Episodic care is another area where wearables can make a huge impact.
If the wearables are designed as an integral part of a "patient-centric" system and seamlessly fit into the workflow, the rate of adoption can be increased.
In summary, connecting the wearable data to outcomes,, emphasis on timely feedback to patients and focusing on integrating with patient workflow are fundamental to a successful wearable sensor adoption in health care

Arun Sethuraman
11 months ago
Thank you for the thought-provoking response. I particularly find your comment regarding meaningful, timely feedback to the patient interesting. I believe if the the product is genuinely solving a problem for the user then it should be able to give meaningful feedback that can encourage positive behaviour. Encouraging positive behaviour from users could be wearable technologies biggest asset. - Reece 11 months ago

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