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Are OEMs or independent service providers best positioned to provide predictive maintenance services for wind turbines?


There has been a trend lately for OEMs to provide long term service contracts for wind farms (partly fuelled by the slow-down in sales so that they now need to make up for lost sales revenue with increased income from service). At first it might seem like the OEMs will be much better positioned to provide cost effective maintenance serrvices - after all they know the turbines intimately and have probaby collected gigantic databases with various sensing output. However, there might be conflict of interest for OEMs as they are also liable for warranty claims, uptime guarantees etc. Therefore, are there reasons why an owner might expect better outcomes going with an independent service provider?

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Ulrik Horn
8 months ago

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This is not a straight forward choice. Positioning would be dependent on the type of procurement contract and the conditions included. One would need to be hae a clear definition of value for money in the long term service contract to decide.

Glenn Frommer
7 months ago

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