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Evolution or Involution


Do you feel the digital revolution will evolve the human being or it will foster an involution?

Alejandro Ortiz Carbajal
12 days ago

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I wanted to respond, but not really sure how to as there are questions about the question. Any type of advancements in technology can help evolve humanity, but how specific advancements are used could potentially cause the opposite effect. Look to the film "Idiocracy" and wonder if that is what things will be like. Will the dependency on "auto correct" for spelling and the abbreviations for text diminish communication? Will there be such a dependency on technology that the humans no longer feel the need to put in any effort?

Realistically it should help, but while your question regarding the evolution is very open ended, is still relevant and unknown.

Patrick Dolan
8 days ago

The answer to your question would be "Yes." Technology affects the evolution of human being and also causes involution of human attributes that are replaced or supplemented by technology. One example would be the effect of advanced transportation (i.e. the horse) on human society. People walked and ran less so those attributes that had helped win the conflict against big game atrophied. However, people began to conquer distance and develop trade and war capabilties that outstripped their ancestors.

Robert McCray
7 days ago

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