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Digital Oilfield applied to the Gas Industry: what's the current state of things?


Do you have any experience of an industry-tested integrated simulation framework where it would be possible to jointly simulate what in the last decade has been called "The Digital Oilfield"?
For example, the framework should let the modeler work on just the configuration of the following assets:

  • Reservoirs
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Gas compression plants
  • Gas wells
  • Plant flowlines
  • Valves
  • Pipelines
  • LNG plants

I have the feeling a general platform is missing; it is possible to find suitable products on the market covering just a bit of the entire spectrum, but not an integrated system or an open framework.
Being it a gigantic effort to setup such a system, my impression is that it could only be the output of a consortium of many different energy operators, sharing the common goal of reaching operational efficiency while at the same time reduce their costs and environmental footprint; what do you think about it? Do you know of any current effort toward this objective?

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Roberto Calandrini
4 months ago

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Roberto, I would expect that simulation software such as ASPEN would cover most of the simulation that you are looking for, if you are looking for physical modeling to find the expected process of the system. This is often used for chemical plants and can definitely help with energy consumption, ect to get environmental footprints.
Maybe you are looking for something a little different though? I'd be interested to know what you had in mind!

Katie Switzer
4 months ago
Hi Katie, thanks for your feedback. Yes, you are right, ASPEN suite covers a bit of the entire spectrum; we have used it years ago to model our gas treatment and gas compression plants, for example. Today our optimization system uses outputs of different simulation systems (one for each type of assets approximately) to calculate the response of the system as a whole (forward modeling). - Roberto 4 months ago

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