Blockchain in Healthcare


What is the most effective way to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in healthcare?

Tapan Mehta
13 months ago

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• One of the biggest Pharma companies worldwide along with various hospital networks were brought to a grinding halt owing to a recent ransomware (Petya) attack in July 2017.
• It exposed the outdated security systems employed by these companies and its inability to deal with the evolving malware and ransomware threats to its system. The disruption caused at some government offices and major corporations around the globe was equally critical along with the rescheduling of surgeries, which risked patients well being at large.
• The investment necessary for healthcare sector to upgrade to blockchain based system is a small price to pay for a significant gain, especially when human lives are at stake.
• The decentralisation of the storage system in a blockchain network embedded in ethereum/bitcoin network can make the healthcare sector immune to external malware/ransomware threats.
• The blockchain based operating software can also advance the overall infrastructure for those healthcare providers who still languish in adopting the mordern technological yardstick due to lack of funding or other oppurtunities. The adoption of blockchain would propel them from the backyard to the future at one go without necessity of huge funding needs.

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
10 months ago

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