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Question in: Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals

Evolution of the Key Card?


What do you think of the move by a Wisconsin company to implant microchips into their employees to replace traditional key cards?

Employee Engagement
Mo (Maureen) March Kanwischer - Business Growth Expert
10 months ago

3 answers


if it is voluntary - will be major convenience.

Donald Truss
10 months ago

I agree that it must be voluntarily.
Due to the fact that it is an invasive procedure that they cannot easily reverse by themselves, and it is not removeable outside of workung hours, I think it is not ethically correct. And what data is stored on it, what sensors are in it?
Furthermore, can be a an unobstrusive, waterproof armband not enough? And if people still forgetting their band, than one should reconsider who they're hiring. ;-)

Katharina Gabrecht
10 months ago
One question is: What is the real benefit? Is this supposed to be more convenient for the employee? If she or he can just hold up their arm to the vending machine to buy their microwave popcorn is that a real benefit? How bad is the real problem they are trying to solve? - Mo (Maureen) 10 months ago

Many companies will follow as they demonstrate being able to not only stay ahead of the tech curve as well as spike interest among employees to perform tasks efficiently. The question about biohacking also comes into play. Thoughts?

Polina Pomerants
10 months ago
Biohacking, invasive monitoring, lack of privacy are all concerns. - Mo (Maureen) 10 months ago

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