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Regulatory Impact & Reach


Given the attention ICOs have received as of late, what is the potential impact if the gov't attempts to apply regulation?
1) Nothing, its blockchain based and decentralized
2) It will bring some much needed consumer protection
3) ICOs will just move to a jurisdiction where similar regulation does not exist and will exclude citizens from the regulated country from participating
4) I don't know but I would like to be a part of the coversation with the regulatory bodies.

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Rodney MacInnes
10 months ago

2 answers


3 - Restrictions imposed by regilations comtradict the decentralized intermediary-free premise of the blockchain.

Osayi Igharo
7 months ago

I agree with Osayi, number 3. The market is oversaturated with junk ICOs, so 2 is partly true, but the market will dictate what fails and what doesn't. Much like the internet boom, many worthless companies will prosper, but eventually falter. With China regulating ICOs and dumping exchanges, the transactions and ICOs will move elsewhere.

Hunter Woody
7 months ago

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