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Next-Gen Meal Replacements


Will scalable meal replacement drinks (Ambronite, Soylent) stand up to the test and break into the mainstream? I see a real potential in the future, especially as millennials become a larger share of the food purchasing market (from grocery stores.)

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Dan O'Connor
11 months ago

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Yes. I completely agree with you, Dan. As a Registered Dietitian in the meal replacement formulation field, I see this area exploding. We have become fairly lazy with our nutrition and feel that the millennials will love the convenience. It is fantastic marketing as well in that it takes away all the confusion about what to eat, how much to eat and what is the correct combo.
I think it will be the next Protein Shake or Juice Drink.

Michelle Ricker
11 months ago

I believe that some meal replacement product will break into mainstream, as Slim Fast did some years ago, but it probably won't be Soylent or Ambronite per organoleptic profile. There is a lot going on in this area and better products will emerge, including those with stronger clinical and scientific substantiation. Definitely there will be a mainstream market for fabricated foods like these.

Janice E. Thompson, Ph.D.
11 months ago

Very interesting. Is there any early data that you've seen firsthand on the nutritional value/scalability of using these drinks as a true lifestyle change? Or perhaps just a way to replace breakfast during the week because of the convenience. I understand that value prop, but I'm really curious to see the applicability if people begin to use them when they have more time (nights, weekends).

Dan O'Connor
10 months ago
There have been numerous clinical studies that establish that meal replacement shakes, made to scientific standards, can be used to lose weight (replace 2 meals per day) or maintain weight (replace 1 meal per day). There are presently studies underway for other health conditions. - Janice E. 10 months ago

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