Philip Tuet

Senior Manager - Materials Processing

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Hands-on technical manager with a proven 15 year record of innovation and delivery of practical creative solutions to complex industrial problems.

• Reputation of building processes ground up and fixing existing systems involving cross functional groups within engineering, supply chain, new product integration, operations, and legal.
• Developer of supply chain should-cost, logistics, and inventory/forecast modeling.
• Multiple patent award inventor in first of its kind carbon dioxide sequestration.
• Published writer of Emissions Control Technology - NOx, HC, and particulate control for mobile and stationary power generation sources using precious metal catalytic technology.
• Project Management – Develop Gantt chart/schedules with man-power roll-up and resources allocation. Manage teams of varying engineering disciplines in pilot and demonstration scale design efforts.
• Equipment Design Engineering – Develop specification and procurement of process, testing equipment and instrumentation. Prepare Block Flow Diagram (BFD), Process Flow Diagram (PFD), and Process and Instrument Diagram (P&ID)
• Equipment Validation – Author, finalize, and execute Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) documents. Prepare and execute test plans for validation programs.
• Safety & Hazard Analysis – Set-up equipment and facility operation safety procedures (HazOp). Limited training in HazMat situational awareness and incident clean-up. Confined space entry and Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) certified

work Experience

Senior Manager - Materials Processing EBU/SCM

Bloom Energy

September 2011 - Present

Bloom Energy is a manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to generate clean, reliable, and affordable electricity.

• Manage the construction completion and commissioning of supplier’s ceramic processing production plant which enabled the recycling and reuse of costly and critical fuel cell components saving the company over $1.6M to date.

• Secured 33% tolling cost reduction and 50% increase of processing capacity at key supplier by developing a mutually beneficial strategy.

• International (China, Japan, and Philippines) vendor management experience coordinating electrolyte material supply and flow from raw material stock to finished components.

• Built materials requirement planning (MRP) system for fuel cell stack inventory/demand and responsible for receipts budget in the tens of millions of dollars.

• Instituted a plastic recycling program which prevented landfilling >2000 spent material boxes every month at a cost of >$1000/month. Negotiated a deal with local recycler to provide material pick up at no cost.

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Concept Design of Mixing Device for Chemical Absorption Process