Joshua Willard

Business Development Manager at Interactions Marketing

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    Contributions are valued by peers

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    Thoroughly contributes in all areas

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Passionate. Results-Driven. Focused. Positive. Adaptive Learner. Forward Thinker.

I am a highly motivated individual, always focused on the success of any project I take part in, as well as the success of my team and company as a whole. I have never had a 'job', no matter how insignificant my role/impact, that I did not give my all. I believe in hard work and being the best you can be. Ultimately, I like a challenge. I grow and learn from every experience, striving to be the best at what I do!

work Experience

Business Development Manager

Interactions Marketing

March 2017 - Present

Responsible for the development of short and long-term business strategies, the planning and execution of business initiatives, leadership, coaching, and development of direct reports. In this role, I had the responsibility of launching, marketing, selling, and operating a new line of business. Took on various responsibilities to ensure the successful plan and launch this new service.

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