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GRIT Entrepreneur, Digital Mentor, Dots Connector, explorer on IoT, AI, Blockchain, expert on Connected & Digital Health

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Founder, shareholder or board of many enterprises, startups, associations, foundations, NGOs, in the fields of eHealth, renewable energy, environment.
Focus on ICT, Digital world and Innovation, personally committed to ethics and the growth potential at global level.
Expert on Social Networks Influence Design, socialCRM, Digital & Connected Health.Exploring AI, IoT and Blockchain.
Milan Polytechnic, 1981 to 1986.Strong ICT background. International expertise on management positions since 1991, both USA, Europe and MEA.

Mentor, university lecturer, coordinates or participate several Italian and EU projects.
Works with Enterprises and Universities as an expert in startups, market analysis, business development, CSR, impact investments, ICT for development, Digital Health, Longlife Learning, active aging.

Serial startupper on digital business, social business, social impact, CSR, sustainable development.

Professional & entrepreneurial associations member, mentor into the Start-Ups eco-system.
Italy: Assolombarda, Manageritalia (CFMT), Confcommercio, ProSpera, Lifebility Award, StartCup (Milano, Veneto, etc.), Ashoka Italy, CNETO
Abroad: Euclid Network, Radical Future, NTEN, Edgeryders, Global Social Venture Competition, EAI (European Alliance for Innovation), CCEG (Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance), European Social Innovation Competition

2002 founded "Manager Non Profit"​, a EU non-profit professionals network, to support projects, digital culture and push technological innovation, ICT for Development, mobile and IoT, leveraging cloud CRM and Unified Communication.

2014 founded "Social4Social"​, a virtual mentor network assisting ideas, projects and startups focussing on digital entrepreneurship path, with current 30+ associates, 200+ network members. Main activities are coaching and mentoring teams on their innovative ideas.

work Experience

Founder, President, CEO


October 2012 - Present

Not an incubator or accelerator, we are more an academy, a renaissance "bottega", where "learning-by-doing"​ approach is effectively implemented, and where we attract mentors, professionals, senior entrepreneurs, companies and investors.

Social4Social is a point of reference about social entrepreneurship and enterprises in Europe, a virtual space to meet & work, an enabler for ideas on how to positively change society through sustainability, fair employment, social impact.

Our organization networks together all major social enterprise stakeholders in a very open way: national and international institutions, universities, civil society organizations, third sector professionals and social startups, and particularly companies of any field and size, in a unique, fully cloud-based environment where to share, talk, co-create.

Focus span on 5 main macro-areas, who represents society-relates issues:
- Health, including web communities, apps, wearable devices, cloud services and more
- Agri-food, new ways to work, communicate, advocate territories, products, excellences
- Environment, intended as sustainable territories and policies, in any form which matters
- Culture, in any form of art conservation, communication, inclusion, perception
- Social inclusion, from any kind of disability, to immigration, poverties (old and new)

We believe that any enterprise activity must be focussed on human being enhancement, general wellness and sustainability: if we do this fairly, that's social enough ...

Founder, President, CEO

Manager Non Profit

January 2002 - Present

MANAGER NON PROFIT is primarily a network of professionals, that address public and private companies top management and entrepreneurs, non profit organizations and social entrepreneurs.

The focus of Manager Non Profit are Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, and acts Europe-wide.

We offer Shared Value, using new technologies and technological convergency approach, with particular focus on redesigning processes, and 2.0 adoption, which will be strategic for organization stability and growth, especially if these are small size.

In the past years MNP members developed a deep knowledge into new 2.0 paradigm fusion into organizations, the so-called Enterprise 2.0 : now can offer a wide expertise on 2.0 adoption into any organization size in order to afford new approach to the business, employes or volunteers aggregation, fundraising and web reputation.

The team has an extended, solid network of relationships through EMEA countries, and does officially represent many Europe and US based organizations, both for profit and non profit, that deals with ICT and social entrepreneurship.

Current e-Resident and e-Entrepreneur


September 2017 - Present

Proudly e-Resident and e-Entrepreneur in Tallinn.

Estonia was the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world, and the program opens new opportunities for a world without barriers.
E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted EU environment.

Founder, CEO (soon...)


June 2017 - Present

Presto.Care is a network of health professionals who provide proximity healthcare products and services (at home, pharmacy, gym, any "health point" on the territory or within your company offices in a corporate welfare plan), aimed at healthy people, people with temporary health disabilities or with chronic diseases and illnesses.
With the use of the latest available technologies, mobile Internet access, "cloud" tools, we can deliver nursing and care services 365 days/year, mobility clinical tests, self-diagnosis checkups and remotely certified medical reports in a very short time, sometimes even just a few minutes, medical teleconsultation with specialists of various disciplines, and to keep for each person a "digital historical dossier", personal or familiar, always available, easy to consult and share, at sole discretion of the person, with family members, caregivers, medical practitioners, specialists and anyone who may need it, wherever they are and in full respect of safety and privacy.

Presto.Care: your health, made easy.

Invited member @ Board of Directors - Coordinator @ ICT for Health working group

Life Sciences Lombardy Cluster (LLS)

November 2015 - Present

Life Sciences Lombardy Cluster (LLS) represents all local actors working in the life sciences placed in Lombardy. In July 2015 Cluster developed in an Association with growing relevance at regional. Now it is the principal local subject for the Lombardy Region to consult in planning its strategy in the life sciences sector.

Partner, Board Member, Chief Strategy Officer

NeuroTeam Srl

November 2014 - Present

NeuroTeam SRL is a startup company, formerly a University of Palermo spin-off, focussing on cognitive diseases.

The team is composed of neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologists and neurophysiologists, with many years experience in the field of scientific research and clinical disorders of neurological and mental sphere.
NeuroTeam services provide an integrated, neurological and psychological, for the diagnosis and treatment of mental suffering.
Our specificity is to treat the neurological and mental patient with a non-invasive neuro-modulation approach.

Through the dynamic integration of our neuropsychological and psychological treatments with the use of wearable devices developed by our research laboratory (NeuroTeam Life and Science), we are able to modulate the alterations of brain excitability, with a significantly greater improvement in symptoms in terms of intensity, rapidity of onset and duration of effects than conventional single treatments.

Vice President

NeuroTeam Life and Science

November 2014 - Present

Our organization mission is focussing on research, training and innovation on cognitive methodologies and technological innovation, including prototyping of new wearable devices, clinical protocols and technologies to enhance cognitive abilities and cure cognitive diseases.

Co-Founder, Board Member, COO

Koala Care

July 2014 - Present

Koala Care provides ICT solutions designed to support family and caregivers in the management of the patient's chronic disease, particularly Alzheimer's and other dementias.
Thanks to a network of qualified health professionals the care process takes on greater value even when played at home.

Through a few simple settings, the caregiver can create a routine activities on which to base every aspect of patient care: drug therapy, diet, clinical and cognitive rehab aspects could be handled remotely interfacing with the home carer.
The data, summarized in reports, allow a constant interface with healthcare professionals registered on the appropriate portal and chosen through the application, to "build" a service network around the needs of the patient

Business Development Advisor


June 2016 - Present

InnovaMol specializes in chemical R&D, prototypal and experimental design.

With decades of in-depht experience with our Ph.D personnel, company provides advice and services in chemical sciences to bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem-solving and product improvement.

Expertise addresses primarily:
- Drug discovery and design
- Protein bio-informatics
- Food security
- Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

There are proven consulting, training and product planning with enterprises operating in the fields of:
- industry
- medicine
- technology
- environment

The company is also a proud provider of EFSA, the European Food Security Agency

Business Development Advisor

Tooteko Srls

February 2016 - Present

In a World that is sight-driven visually impaired people don’t have access to a lot of information.
Tooteko is a wearable that combines touch and hearing to help visualize objects that they couldn’t experience otherwise.

Business Development Consultant


July 2015 - Present

In.sight s.r.l. is a startup and spin-off of the University of Palermo.
The company, arisen from an academic research carried, develops and the commercializes navigation pedestrian system that use network information and augmented reality.

Business Development Advisor


January 2016 - Present

SensoWave is a brand name of Wireless Sensor Technologies S.L., a spanish company specialized on HW&SW solutions for IoT market.
WST provides solutions to new problems as a result of population aging, rising energy costs, and concerns about residential security.
WST mission is to bring people new technologies like:
- wireless sensors
- IoT networks
- web & mobile apps
- wearable devices
Using new tools like OpenData, Big Data analysis, FIWARE platform compliancy, we wish to improve quality of life, peace of mind, extending the time to enjoy an independent life.
To achieve it, WST offers several products and services.

SensoWave Professional Solutions is a suite of product lines dedicated to improve safe and competitive processes, providing solutions to previously unsolved problems.
WST is an ideal technological partner to transform present SMEs in Industries of the Future, providing innovative solutions in other sectors:
- Assisted Living Care and eHealth
- Precision Farming
- Early detection and emergency management

Social4Social is a WST Business Partner.


Bitrix, Inc.

September 2013 - Present

Bitrix is a privately-owned company developing advanced business communication platforms to bridge SMBs with their customers (Internet), partners (Extranet) and employees (Intranet). Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Bitrix now incorporates 100+ staff, 60,000+ customers and 7,000+ partners worldwide.

The customer list includes Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and Cosmopolitan. Localized into 13 languages, the company’s products are famous for technological pioneering, unique security features, extreme performance capacity and unmatched ease-of-use.

Advisory Board Member: Social Value & Intangibles Review

Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

February 2015 - Present

Measuring Social Value - Making Intangibles Tangible

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) at the University of Northampton Business School articulates the current agendas germane in today’s modern organisation. CCEG meets head on the challenges arising from the blending of private, public, third and community sector interests which require complex skills, analysis tools, and embedded understanding often neglected in traditional research and enterprise activities. The Centre consists of leading international academics, senior managers and entrepreneurs, linked to other centres of excellence with significant brand affiliations and an active student engagement programme. Through a series of niche sector groups, CCEG will address the key issues surrounding our partners, our clients, and our membership.

Advisor, Business Developer


October 2013 - Present

Amiko has created a solution that tracks and improves medication adherence, thus leading to better health outcomes and lower costs for patients and their families, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and insurers.

Adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries averages 50%. In developing countries, the rates are even lower. This accounts for increased morbidity and millions of deaths annually worldwide, and for an extraordinary increase in costs for both the health care system and the pharmaceutical industry.

Co-Founder, Board Member, Treasurer

Urban TaLent LaB

June 2014 - Present

The Association aims, with the support of its members, to become to individuals, associations, organizations, companies, organizations and institutions, a reference point and a place for discussion and exchange of good practices and innovative initiatives in all sectors and activities related to environmental sustainability, social sustainability and governance of the territory, in particular through:

1) the definition of strategies for use of the territory and urban areas in order to encourage new social and economic models in line with the themes of environmental sustainability;

2) the study and implementation of projects for the recovery of existing buildings;

3) the study and implementation of projects aimed at a more conscious and sustainable use of urban and suburban areas not yet used or disposed of by other uses;

4) the identification and development of new practices and processes to disseminate the culture of ethics, sustainability, well-being and quality of life and dealing with social problems related, favoring where possible new employment, industrial relations, scientific research.

Business Development Manager

Fifth Ingenium s.r.l

November 2014 - Present

Fifth Ingenium is a HI-tech StartUp company that develops and distributes digital products providing highly innovative solutions in many fields, including healthcare, tourism and advertising.

Among many products, company offers advanced body-interaction solutions for therapy and learning, as well as highly scalable remote services. Products are cost effective, high quality and totally tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers.

The development team leverages its advanced technical experience to offer design and implementation of complex solutions for Natural User Interfaces, Web and Cloud Architectures, Gesture and Image recognition.

Full Member

Euclid Network

August 2011 - Present

Euclid Network is a growing community of civil society professionals who want to connect across borders for a stronger, more innovative and sustainable European civil society.

With 300 members and a wider network of 3000 civil society practitioners and engaged professionals, we empower the network (through membership and projects) to become the changemakers of civil society - challenging the status quo, bringing solutions to the table and fostering collaboration and peer-learning across boundaries.

We are a pan-European network working both within and beyond the EU member states. However, we also fully embrace ‘Global Europe', connecting Europeans to civil society across the world.

We work on sector-wide and interlinked challenges that affect all our members:

- Effectiveness
- Sustainability
- Innovation
- Influence

We use the power of the network and the strength of our partnerships with private and public institutions to bring about lasting change for European civil society and society as a whole.

Country Partner, Italy

Social Innovation Europe

August 2011 - Present

The Social Innovation Europe initiative represents a major effort to build and streamline the social innovation field in Europe. The project is run by a consortium of partners including Euclid Network and the Danish Technological Institute and led by the Social Innovation eXchange (SIX). Funded by the European Commission’s DG Enterprise, the SIE initiative works to connect policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and third sector workers with other innovators from across Europe. It is our goal to become a crucial meeting place where innovative thinkers from all 27 European member states can come together to create a streamlined, vigorous social innovation field in Europe, and propel Europe to lead the practice of social innovation globally.

By 2014, Social Innovation Europe aims to be the meeting place for social innovators across Europe.

Strategic Partner, SEMEA Community Hub

NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network

August 2012 - Present

Manager Non Profit ( is the NTEN Strategic Partner on SEMEA.

NTEN: Where the Nonprofit Technology Community Meets

NTEN aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions.
We are the membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals. Our members share the common goal of helping nonprofits use all aspects of technology more effectively.
We believe that technology allows nonprofits to work with greater social impact. We enable our members to strategically use technology to make the world a better, just, and equitable place.
NTEN facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information within our community. We connect our members to each other, provide professional development opportunities, educate our constituency on issues of technology use in nonprofits, and spearhead groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on technology issues affecting our entire community.

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Expert


October 2013 - Present


Trusted Associate


October 2013 - Present

Edgeryders is a global community of mostly European young people. What unites us is that we have decided to take personal action against the societal, environmental and economic challenges humanity is facing. Most of us have no access to the resources available to governments, corporations and large NGOs, so we tackle these challenges with what we have: ourselves, our own bodies and minds. Many of us are out to innovate, but not in the sense of making new gadgets. We aspire to a deep societal fix, for tackling the fundamental problems of expanding individual freedom, establishing a fair social deal, crafting an environmentally sustainable society. - See more at:

LECTURER - Master 2° LIV - Pianificazione, Programm. Progett. Sistemi Ospedalieri e SocioSanitari

Politecnico di Milano

January 2014 - Present

Master Universitario di II livello
Sito web:

Il Master raccoglie e consolida opportunità e risorse sviluppate dall’Ateneo con particolare riferimento a competenze nei campi della progettazione architettonica, della tecnologia dell’architettura, della fisica tecnica ambientale, della gestione dell’ambiente costruito. Il Master utilizza inoltre risorse, esperienze e competenze maturate dall'Università degli Studi di Milano, per quanto concerne gli aspetti igienico-sanitari delle strutture socio-sanitarie e l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore per gli aspetti di organizzazione sanitaria.

Il mio ruolo consiste nella introduzione delle tematiche ICT al Master, dal punto di vista della struttura organizzativa dei sistemi ospedalieri e di coinvolgimento della sanità con le strutture del territorio.

Communication & Corporate Fundraising

Fondazione ASPHI Onlus

January 2013 - Present

Fondazione ASPHI onlus is an italian non-profit organization of businesses and groups cooperating with a celar mission: promote the integration of people with disabilities in schools, in employment and in society through the use of Information and Communication Technology.

Corporate Fund Raising & Communication Professional Volunteer

Fondazione OPES - OPES Impact Fund

January 2013 - Present

Opes Impact Fund's mission is to provide a contribution to the fight against global poverty and inequality, providing access to credit to all those enterprises whose work is sustainable, innovative and able to generate social positive impacts for the entire society.

Professor, Lecturer

ASVI – School for Management & Social Change

November 1999 - Present

ASVI – School for Management & Social Change è un’Istituzione di tras-formazione sociale attiva da 12 anni. Principale piattaforma di sviluppo manageriale europea di settore e primo bacino di reclutamento professionale italiano.

Vediamo un settore non profit fortemente incisivo e capace di essere infrastruttura di comunità per lo sviluppo economico, sociale e civile. Vediamo leader e manager ricchi di passione e ben preparati alle sfide con capacità strategiche ed efficacia mediatica. Vediamo organizzazioni forti, capaci di attirare ed occupare i giovani di talento.

La Missione ASVI è di formare i MANAGER NON PROFIT su elevati standard di qualità, creare network professionali qualificati, supportarli mediante la creazione e lo scambio di buone prassi in ambito internazionale.

Chair, "Development" Science Innovation & Business Community (SIB) - Member of Strategic Forum

European Alliance for Innovation

November 2011 - Present

EAI responds to an EU call for Action
Europe enjoys a high standard of living, among the highest levels of education, and one of the greatest concentrations of wealth in the developed world. Yet, by any conventional measure, Europe lags behind other developed regions in innovation.
A key reason for this, simply stated, is fragmentation. Europe’s institutions, societies, universities and governments, while part of the same EU system, are still made up of a vast variety of different organisations. Different structures representing diverse communities at times working in parallel, at other times working in opposition, mean that efficiencies, information sharing, and important connections are harder to achieve. Adding to this impediment is the mindset of ICT innovators which tends toward insular behaviour, stifling the explosive potential of innovative ideas, and creating artificial barriers for smaller innovators which have the potential to be the drivers of innovation.

An Organisation Driven by its members
EAI’s mission is to drive innovation in emerging information and communication technology (ICT) enabled areas by decreasing fragmentation between key participants in the innovation cycle and by facilitating communication, engagement and collaboration from the grassroots. From education to business to government, EAI provides a bottom-up, grassroots forum for participants to contribute knowledge, communicate views, and collaborate together to advance their respective innovation initiatives.
True to its guiding vision of being a grassroots driven organisation, EAI cultivates and supports the open knowledge transfer and engagement among its member community.  Through a variety of conventional methods such as conferences, publications and Web 2.0 tools, a vibrant community of content sharing, dissemination and feedback flourishes. Much of the engagement and idea exchange occurs through the individual SIB portals and within the framework of the Innovation Cycle.

Member, Country Partner

Social Innovation eXchange (SIX)

August 2011 - Present

SIX is a global community of over 3000 individuals and organisations – including small NGOs and global firms, public agencies and academics - committed to promoting social innovation and growing the capacity of the field.

Our aim is to improve the methods with which our societies find better solutions to challenges such as ageing, climate change, inequality and healthcare.

SIX was designed to fill a gap. There are some existing networks of social innovators – both groups and individuals – in particular sectors (e.g. health, environment, cities), particular fields (e.g. social entrepreneurship, policy, design), and particular countries and regions.
SIX does not aim to compete with, or supplant, any of these initiatives, but rather intends to link them together to promote learning and collaboration across sectors, fields and countries.

Founder, Partner

New Tech Consulting

January 2002 - Present

New Tech is a consulting firm dedicated to mentor C-Level, Top Management, SMBs and StartUps on new digital paradigm and related organizational and strategic approaches.
Daily dealing with change management, employee engagement, employer branding, business processes, makes New Tech a point of reference about how digital tools are strong corporate assets to leverage the new business era.

Technology Advisor & Senior Strategy Consultant


September 2013 - Present

Enjoy the way you work and collaborate

Bitrix24 is the most complete business collaboration suite for your team.
SocialCRM, VoIP communication, cloud storage, Business Process Management (BPM) full functionalities, Project Management (PM) features, and seamless integration with dozens of third party apps and features, full on.premise customization with full source code, along with iOS and Android native apps, make it really fun and effective.

Bitrix24 enables any company of any size to full leverage the "always on" paradigm, even with BYOD practices, with a all-in-one solution, a powerful an easy path to Change Management and enhance digital literacy.
Straight communication with your employees, customers and partners.
Employer engagement, branding and reporting.
Full sales cycle control, customer habits report.

New Tech is an official Bitrix Partner: ID #952068.
To know more, please feel free to contact me:, or book a call at

Full Member

HIMSS Europe

November 1999 - Present

HIMSS Europe is a voice, advisor and thought leader of transformation through health IT.

HIMSS Europe is a trusted coach, advisor and thought leader in health IT

HIMSS Europe is the European arm of HIMSS, the largest health IT membership organisation in the world. We are a one-stop- organisation for all health IT-related information, knowledge and advice, and offer an unrivalled perspective on what’s happening in the world of health and care IT in Europe.

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