Tristan Roberge-Mentec

Client Engagement Manager - Cambridge Innovation Consulting


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" Progress is possible. Change is inevitable. "

Young Business Development Manager with 2 years of experience in Pharmaceutical / High-Tech industry and Scientific Consulting.

Multilingual capability (french, english, spanish, chinese), giving the skills to work in an international environment.

Experienced in Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

Main focus on very high-tech / disruptive sectors : Defense, Neurotechnology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Aerospace, New Materials.

Engaged in the Transhumanism movement and the Humanity+ initiative. Future is created by technology and human, and we have to improve both.

Being at the cross-road between business and science, my career goal is to ensure the development and spread of innovative technology solutions and products (Scouting, Business Development, Partnering, R&D management).

To contact me :

+ 33 6 26 67 54 90

work Experience

Client Engagement Manager

Cambridge Innovation Consulting

February 2016 - Present

Cambridge Innovation Consulting (CamIn) is a technology consulting firm that leverages its vast network of academic research experts to deliver highly tailored emerging technology advice to its industrial and financial clients.

Ground-breaking future technologies are perpetually being developed in university research labs. So, why are businesses worldwide missing opportunities to invest early in these technologies and reap the benefits before their competitors? A vast communication gap exists between industry, finance, and the scientific experts who work in rapidly evolving fields developing nascent technology. CamIn recognises the extraordinary competitive advantages available to businesses that bridge this gap. This is why CamIn connects their clients with the world’s top scientific researchers, who advise them on how to prepare for and take advantage of emerging technology trends.

Located in the heart of Cambridge, UK, CamIn is embedded in Cambridge’s knowledge ecosystem. The global expert network developed and managed by CamIn is drawn from world-class academic institutions. This enables CamIn to deliver specialist expertise tailored to the needs of their clients in finance, business, and industry. CamIn not only aids corporations in remaining technologically competitive and developing business opportunities, but also works with the financial and consulting sectors as a technology plug-in for strategic advisory, mergers and acquisitions.

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Covered Industries:


Junior Project Manager


July 2015 - December 2015

Operational Excellence and Innovation.

- Multichannel Marketing :

- Actively participate in the multichannel strategy definition

- Support affiliates marketing teams on the adaptation & implementation of multichannel campaigns for Sanofi major launches (Toujeo & Praluent)

- Work in close collaboration with the global divisions teams

- Coordinate multichannel marketing academy roll out & ensure the assessment of the academy in all the European countries

- Coordination of the digital experts teams in Europe to implement the new digital global platform

- Support to mobile applications development

- Dashboards management for major product launches

- Project Management

- Legal review

- Support the project director for digital marketing tools development: manage relationship between agency, internal IS and marketing

- Review of KPIs dashboard

Business Developer / Market Researcher

Bretagne Conseil

March 2015 - June 2015

=> Market Research for drones and nanotech startups :

- First company business : ground-mapping using drones
- Second company business : nanotechnology solutions for disease & pathologies tracking

=> Benchmark & Competitive Intelligence :

- Review of more than 150 potential partners
- Selection of accurate network

=> Activity Development :

- Definition of the business plan & business model
- Review of startup's capabilities (human resources, technology resources, capital)

=> Business Development :

- Selection of interesting companies
- Calling to 50 companies in order to engage negotiations for partnerships
- Support for negotiation with the selected partners

=> Accurate reporting :

- Craft of several reports (number of potential customers & partners, expected benefits, opportunities for growth)

Founder & CEO

Wolf Fund

February 2012 - June 2015

- Financial market
- Business Development
- Networking
- Foreign exchange trading operator : EUR/USD - AUD/USD - GBP/USD - USD/HKD


Ernst & Young

July 2012 - September 2012

Audit / control.

• Financial information reliability.
• Contract reviews & Business Plan reviews.
• Industrial research & pre-competitive development.
• Merger-Acquisitions interventions.

IFRS norms.

• Statement of financial position.
• Segment information : key indicators.
• Income statement crafting.
• Building analytical statement by business unit and region.
• Calculating the depreciation of assets.

Management of personal data.

• Structuring data.
• Creating content management systems.
• Management of data warehouses.
• Metadata management.
• Dublin Core implementation.

Inventory management.

• Understanding the process and execution of delivery.
• Calculating buffer stocks.
• Following the materials throughout the production chain.

Administrative relay between services. Administrative support.

Domains of experience:

Business Strategy
Strategic Communications
Creative Entrepreneurship
Management Consulting
Marketing Strategy
Business Intelligence
Team Management
Project Management
Market Research
Change Management
Marketing Communications
Business Development
International Business
International Relations
Business Planning
Risk Management
Business Analysis
Social Networking
Program Management
Strategic Planning
New Business Development
Innovation Management
Public Relations
Marketing Research
Product Marketing
Product Management
International Marketing
Big Data
Blue Ocean Strategy
Building Information Modeling
marketing of innovation
Innovation produit
ingnierie commerciale
New venture capital
Market Analysis
Partenariats stratgiques
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