Teshiele Devprasad

Chemical Engineer - Process & Product Development - Design - Commissioning - Optimisation

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As a Chemical Engineer, my experience covers operational and implementation across the Chemicals and Consumer Packaged Goods industries at Sasol (3 years) and Unilever (5 years) respectively while managing and developing technical resources.

My performance ratings are consistently exceptional since I consistently exceed expectations on delivery of business strategy. Results achieved under my leadership and influence:

• Increased Unilever’s profitability by 5% across South Africa by creating and implementing specialised formulations when managing a Product Development portfolio of Unilever’s largest brand in Africa.

• Accelerated Unilever’s innovation deployment in East and West Africa – 30% faster to market – by leveraging Unilever’s global scale coupled with my engineering and project management skills to devise and implement creative and bespoke capability solutions.

• Reduced energy costs by 7% at Unilever’s third largest detergents factory globally – by optimising the manufacturing process and formulations, serving as a global lead for such an implementation,
subsequently deployed to similar processes across Unilever's sites globally.

Furthermore, Mensa formally confirmed my ability to reason, recognise patterns, solve challenging and abstract problems, and to store and retrieve information at above the 99th percentile of global population. These skills and ability enable my rapid adaptation to a variety of technical and business scenarios positioning me to create appropriate value-adding propositions. Apart from creative idea generation, I am highly experienced at rigourously managing execution of complex projects, ensuring project key performance measures are responsibility met.

Beyond my core job-function, I naturally enjoy supporting others succeed. I was elected as the President of Sasol’s Junior Engineer’s Forum – an initiative to transition engineering graduates into the corporate world, both technically and socially.

work Experience

Product & Process Development Portfolio Manager - Africa


August 2012 - Present


- Formulation & Recipe Development incl. Technical Sales, Claims substantiation, Regulatory & Safety compliance.
- Concept & Feasibility evaluation: R&D (Process & Product Specification Development - Formulation/Recipe)
- Product and Process Development
- Strategic / Tactical Planning
- Project, Risk & Resource management (People, Budget, Quality, Time, Capabilities, MOC)
- Translate Customer needs into feasible business solutions
- Compliance and Audits
Environment (EIA, EcoDesign)
Regulatory (across Africa - Product launches; Engineering Design codes)

Projects & Achievements:

Deployed Process and Product specifications into Unilever’s largest liquids factory in Africa (R1.5 billion EPCM project) – incl. technical support on dHaCCP, HAZOP, Process scale-up, Raw Material & Recipe validation, Supplier-approvals, FMEA, commissioning, troubleshooting, project planning and execution.

Lead complex problem-solving – incl. that of a Top 5 innovation project globally for Unilever’s Sustainability Plans. Enabled successful launch of R1.3 billion rand product platform on time, within budget, meeting all quality standards.

Developed novel new product platforms to target market-gaps, unleashing in excess of R100 million additional turnover at 35% gross margin. Developed products & lead project teams to enable cost savings in excess of R45 million p.a.

Designed and lead implementation of bespoke cross-border Pilot Plant facilities (Nigeria and Kenya) enabling 30% faster innovation landing into market for East and West Africa.

Optimised Process and Formulations resulting in reduced energy consumption by 7% at Unilever South Africa’s factory that produces over 230000 tons p.a. of detergent powders.

Development of Global Risk and Project Management tools, incl. training and rollout.

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