Sascha Poggemann

Founder at Cognigy

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An extremely motivated and attentive to detail professional with over 10 years’ experience in communication technology and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Fachhochschule Münster, widely experienced in RF-Technology integration, communication technologies as well as in the smart homes and human body monitoring domains

Previously head IEXERGY GmbH’s Technical Development department that deals with Smart Home and IoT Applications for the wibutler smart home solution, where I am working on new products, services and business models in conjunction with our international teams in Muenster, Madrid and Manila. Other areas of responsibility include technology scouting, business development and team management from conception phase, prototyping or rapid-prototyping, development and finally to live deployment. I am additionally integrally involved in IoT and cloud technology deployed to enable use cases and business models for the internet of things or even the internet of everything.

An intense passion for all thing’s technology, an open mind for innovation and a thrill for brand new developments and inventions, discovering emerging markets that have the potential to implement such technologies motivates me. Working in a start-up, enables me to utilize my experience to develop electronic devices, software, services, business models and strategies aimed at nothing but success.

With a sturdy educational and technological background, coupled with superior cultural intelligence, diplomatic and interpersonal skills, I am proficient in problem solving, training, instructing and motivating fellow team members. Having excellent diplomatic skills and interpersonal skills, I am flexible and able to communicate articulately at all levels while committed to successfully meeting demanding objectives and deadlines, in a team as well as individually, to the highest of standards.

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Cognigy GmbH

November 2016 - Present

Cognigy provides enterprise-grade Natural Language Conversation technology, which is scalable, testable and highly customizable.

Cognigy Enterprise AI enables you to build self-learning speech-control, chatbots and cognitive abilities into your applications for machine-learning-driven, bidirectional user conversations. Our technology is pluggable and can be used as the smarts behind your Alexa, Google Home or mobile deployment, as well as your connected devices, websites, VR or chatbot applications.

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