Roberto Calandrini

Project Manager for technical-scientific software presso Snam

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I have graduated in Telecommunication Engineering (M.Sc.), with a specialisation in Advanced Signal Processing applied to inverse, simulation and optimisation problems, particularly in the field of geophysics.

During the year I spent at the DSP-Geo Lab of the Polytechnic of Milan, where I developed my Master thesis, I worked with a great team of researchers on many different exploration geophysics topics; in particular, new approaches to seismic anisotropic velocity model building and anelastic rock properties (Q-factor) estimation through local seismic attributes analysis.

With a Master thesis on "Multi-azimuth tomography in anisotropic media", developed in collaboration with the Subsurface Imaging dept. of ENI E&P, I was one of the three recipients of the Gustavo Sclocchi Award 2012.

After that I moved to the industry, working in the R&D team of an internationally renowned geophysical services company, for three years, as a R&D Geophysicist.
Nowadays this role could be associated with a Senior Data Scientist role, with the relevant difference that the former must be more familiar with mathematical physics.

Currently I work as a Project Manager of ICT technical-scientific projects for an integrated Italian gas company.
I am supervising software projects in different scientific fields, from Geology&Geophysics to integrated data management for O&G industry, UGS and Transportation systems, UGS production monitoring/optimisation systems; the file-rouge is science, technology, informatics and management.

The project management of such systems requires a deep understanding of the business processes they are supporting, together with constant attention to the technical details and overall time, cost and quality constraints in order to hopefully reach the Nash equilibrium satisfying all the parties involved, for each project.

Recently I have been appointed as the Reference (Focal Point) in SNAM ICT for the Technical-Scientific Software Area.

work Experience

Focal Point Technical-Scientific Software

Snam S.p.A.

November 2016 - Present

Main reference for Technical-Scientific Systems and Processes within SNAM ICT DEmand&PROject delivery Department.

Key Responsibilities:
- Reporting to higher Management, internal and external stakeholders about the status of the technical-scientific projects portfolio
- Support of higher Management in the definition of Technical-Scientific ICT Strategy
- Demand Management
- Project Management
- Business Requirements Analysis
- ICT Technical-Scientific Solution Design&Development for SNAM SpA Italy Assets BU: Natural Gas Storage, Transport, Regasification
- ICT Technical-Scientific Solution Design&Development for Italgas Reti SpA Operations under the service contract agreement between the parties

ICT Innovation Manager


March 2016 - Present

Key responsibilities:
- Program management of the SNAM ICT Innovation initiatives
- Support of the Innovation Board (CIO plus direct reports) in defining the ICT Innovation strategy
- Management and control of external service providers and partners
- Program Control and Reporting to the Innovation Board
- Coordination of the internal and external streams of interactions between SNAM ICT and the Innovation Ecosystem

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