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CTO and Co-Founder at Dcntral


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Currently using Blockchain projects to transform industries. An advisor to ICO launching companies and speaker on Blockchain as an infrastructure platform.

An early innovator in Software As A Service applications, Open Source and overall using the Internet as a service delivery medium. Was involved in specification committees for HTTP 1.0 &1.1, XMPP 1.0 as well as writing the bylaws for the Apache Foundation and specification for launching Jabber and Subversion Open Source applications. Experienced with startups to Fortune 500 companies at delivering Cloud applications quickly and at scale. As a senior executive, have negotiated and built major partnership relationships with companies like SAP, HP, Major Banks and Financial organizations.

From large companies like IBM & ADP to startups like CollabNet and ResNova, I have delivered product direction for 12 new Software as a Service (SaaS) products to the market. These products include an early commercial http server (1994), an early commercial websites with over 1 million online orders (1996), IBM's first Java Application Server (1998), 2 multi-tenant enterprise SaaS products with 1 million + users from 40k companies (2002-2003), and a 12 million SKU ecommerce site (2010), Aggregating 100’s of API’s product (2014).

Specialties: Building new Blockchain models. . Building and motivating a large disbursed team with a variety of reporting relationships - direct and indirect to achieve high quality product delivery, building successful offshore teams, multi-site software development management, rebuilding a data center, introducing high reliability and measurability in applications, identifying and integrating acquisition companies, melding technology teams and product managers into business driven delivery teams, ability to deliver projects on time.

work Experience


Duly Inc

December 2016 - Present

Leading a consulting company of startup founders and online marketing professionals. Helping our clients grow top-line revenue through Growth Hacking using Agile Marketing / Analytics + Testing / Coding and Automations. Our sophisticated online analytics optimizations leads to strategic insights that lead to constant high revenue growth. Clients range from existing high growth product companies to well funded startups making their push online. After consulting with Duly over the past several years, I assumed the leadership role this year.
Client include:
* - Infant Education site by the creators of Baby Einstein. Built a Daily KPI model with daily email and weekly recaps so rapid adjustments can be made to the consumer offering. Acting as interim CTO, and help design and deliver an extensive ad driven set of applications. Doubled install base by applying rigor to the process.
* - Built Strategic KPI's, managed website build, expansion and Android and IoS app development in a multilingual environment. Managed teams in multiple countries, achieved 21,000 new subscriptions in first 6 months, while getting revenue to cashflow positive.
* - Delivered a weekly KPI recap and managed advertising and product modeling for a multi hundred thousand dollar ad spend. Successfully growing Amazon marketing leading to 10 to 1 return in revenue from ad spend.
* Alpine Waste Management - Built and maintained an ad spend campaign to get account in top of search engine ad and organic search models. Modeled KPI's and competitive research.

Interim CEO

Mindful Science

December 2016 - Present

App and video courses to help one focus your mind all coupled with real time personal health data from devices you already use to give you a complete scientific view of yourself. Using evidence based scientific methods for the Mindful market.
* With our initial MVP launch in the Spanish language market we added 40,000 registered customers in nine months driving growing our MRR 50% month over month - every month.

CTO Advisor

The Level Market

June 2015 - Present

The Level Market provides a searchable marketplace for humanitarian goods and inventions where visitors can purchase, compare and request bids all in one place. Currently in Beta.

As a consultant I built out the initial drop ship ordering and logistics platform.

Advisory Positions

Multiple Companies

January 2015 - Present

An Advisor to multiple high growth companies:
* - Technical and security advisor to the best Blockchain way to get rid of fake news. Starting with getting real information about the new ICO market , decentralized and peer based.
* - As a consultant worked with the CEO on the product roadmap including an ICO in Fall 2017. An Advisor on their advisory board.
* - I was the initial CTO who built out the MVP and the initial drop ship ordering and logistics platform. The Level Market provides a searchable marketplace for humanitarian goods and inventions where visitors can purchase, compare and request bids all in one place. Currently in Beta.
* - Advisory board (IoT as a Service) is the smart home experience designed specifically for renters. By partnering directly with property developers, IOTAS installs and sets up apartments with smart outlets, switches, and sensors for their tenants.
* - Worked with CEO at defining technical and operational model for a new IP based business phone operating system as a replacement for PBX style switching.
Prior companies include,,

CTO and Co-Founder

August 2017 - Present

Working on building out a secure Blockchain based IOT platform initially aimed at large industrial IOT installations. Currently working on a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant from the US government, the first US grant covering blockchain innovation.

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