Gus Manatsa

Business & Project Manager with Marketing & R&D Skills

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I'm a seasoned agribusiness executive, leader, and strategic thinker. An expert in project management,program design, and implementation, sustainable agricultural development design, business development, product development and researcher who has initiated, justified, implemented and delivered over 100 projects, developed 12 new products and assisted thousands of land users develop climate-smart agriculture and climate resilient business systems in the past 8 years.

As you can see, I have worn a number of hats in my professional life- scientist, researcher, marketer, project manager. innovator and strategist.This diversity gives me a unique ability to adapt and manage multi-disciplinary projects/programs and steer complex challenges. From this experience, I have learned that my professional value comes down to:
I have been at the coal face of developing and managing projects for over 15 years
I am multi-speaker of climate-smart technology driven business. I speak perfect sustainability, marketer, salesperson, project manager, people manager, and project designer and investment manager.

I love to be part of a winning team and not afraid to take a leading role
I have big ideas related to climate-smart agriculture and food security- seeing them through execution
Besides agriculture and land use, I like helping firms, cities, communities, regions and states address risk and leverage opportunities through carbon accounting and verification, energy and water management for low carbon solutions.

I would love to make new professional acquaintainces, especially related to new opportinities. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk agriculture, food security, sustainable business, and sport.

work Experience

Regional Business Manager

Monsanto Company

February 2017 - Present

Project Management

CDP - Global environmental reporting system

January 2017 - Present

In this role, I engaged executives of cities, firms, and land users in strategic and sustainability conversations that focus on helping them achieve critical business outcomes through climate change, water, supply chains and forests use management and reporting.