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Ed Addison, is Chairman and CEO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals, a Research Triangle Park company from Duke University that applies AI to drug design, achieving unprecedented results. Cloud Pharmaceuticals has designed new drugs in development for cancer and other diseases. Ed is also Chairman of InferenSys, an AI machine learning company under wraps that applies a breakthrough machine learning method to big data, to launch in 2018. Ed is on the board of a number of companies deploying exponential technologies in life sciences, mobile apps and artificial intelligence, including Global Source Group, VoucherCart, Drug Logic and Parallel Medical Testing.

With a technical background in Artificial Intelligence, Ed is an established serial entrepreneur of disruptive ventures. Ed started 6 companies, funded 4 of them and exited 3. He has twice been named "Entrepreneur of the Year". He has advised 7 venture capital funds and over 20 early stage ventures. His expertise is in launching new technology ventures and new technology products.

Ed is an adjunct professor of engineering and entrepreneurship. He has taught Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Computer Science and Bioinformatics for several universities including NC State University, Stevens Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University. Ed holds a BSEE from Virginia Tech, two MS degrees from Hopkins, an MBA from Duke, and an 'online' law degree. He did a sabbatical year at MIT in AI.

In summary, Ed Addison is a multiple repeat early stage venture CEO with successful exits, and has twice been named "Entrepreneur of the Year". He advises, launches and raises capital for new disruptive high tech ventures and for companies launching new products. Ed is an experienced university professor and a frequent public speaker. In addition, Ed has deep technical skills in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Bioinformatics.

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Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

November 2010 - Present

Ed is cofounder, CEO and Chairman of Cloud Pharmaceuticals, an established leader in AI based drug discovery. Cloud's mission is to efficiently and rapidly develop new drugs using artificial intelligence and cloud computing using technology originally developed at Duke University. The company is currently developing new drugs for cancer, inflammation, rare diseases, and many others and has stakes in more than 15 new drug programs. The company is under wraps on a massive scale project using a proprietary life sciences data center in Iceland aimed at disrupting the entire industry. Cloud Pharmaceuticals' discovery platform has achieved biological activity on 100% of its drug design programs, has successfully proven its ability to optimize drug lead compounds by computer with successful follow up cell based assay tests, and it has achieved promising animal study results on multiple programs.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals was founded by the confluence of predecessor venture TeraDisc LLC on high performance computing with the research work in the department of chemistry at Duke University. Initially, the company used Virginia Tech's System X supercomputer until it was surpassed by cloud computing. Microsoft provided the initial seed funding for the company, and the University of Florida, via its Gatorade fund, provided the funding for the initial proof of concept in the laboratory. Both programs were highly successful, and the company is now raising institutional capital prior to its intended future IPO.


North Carolina State University

August 2010 - Present

Ed Addison is training the next generation of entrepreneurs and product managers at NC State University. He teaches graduate courses and industry courses in new product launches, product management, innovation, entrepreneurship and business topics for engineers. He has authored a book called "Leveraging the Horizon" on new venture creation, which is now being rewritten and updated under the new title "Creating Your Moonshot" which advocates an approach using "10X Thinking". Ed is also a business plan reviewer at multiple universities.

Managing Partner

Infinity Venture Group

December 2000 - Present

Ed Addison has been a serial entrepreneur since 1990. As a managing partner for Infinity Venture Group, he advises, directs and manages new start up companies for others, particularly high tech ventures spinning out of university settings. Ed is "hands on" with capital raising campaigns. Ed is an established leader for the launch of new high technology products.

Ed is cofounder and Chairman of a new AI machine learning company called InferenSys with a novel probabilistic reasoning technology over big data, which will enter the market in 2018. He is adviser to pharmacogenomics venture Parallel Medical Testing; to genomics venture Wobblebase; to UK-based mobile app venture Global Source Group; to UK-based e-commerce company VoucherCart, and is actively engaged in business development for drug safety company Drug Logic.

Ed previously worked with TeraDiscoveries (a life sciences high performance computing company), Inclinix ( a search engine based clinical trials recruiting company), Lexxle aka BioSequent (a bioinformatics and AI company), BioFortis (a LIMS company), and Lessac Technologies (a voice synthesis company, where he was co founder and inventor).

He was previously a member of the executive investment committee at venture capital firm Next Generation Funds, advisor to Incube8 and Maryland TAP business incubator programs, a limited partner in venture funds Boulder Fund 1 &2, and Sands Brothers Fund 2, and was a business plan judge for Johns Hopkins University, UNCW and Duke University.

Adjunct Faculty in New Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Jack Welch Management Institute

September 2017 - Present

Teaching new venture creation in the MBA program at JWMI. This program is the #12 global online MBA and the fastest growing MBA in the world.

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