Dan DeMaioNewton

Executive Director at National Center for Social Impact

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Tremendously curious, optimistic, and a with a sense of humor, I work with others to explore the art of the possible, shape the best path to make it happen, and achieving breakthrough results. I'm always wondering, "How can we create authentic value that makes a difference?" and challenging my teams to deliver continuous improvement.

My passion is engaging in collaborative design and making it happen. Working in all facets of business, technology, education, human-centric design, business development, and strategic partnerships, my teams and I have delivered market changing results that have made a difference and matter to customers, employees, and owners.

I'm a innovator, social capitalist, entrepreneur, business leader, designer, thinker, explorer, listener, risk-taker, and doer. And I love what I do.

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Dan DeMaioNewton
Raleigh, NC

email: demaionewton@hotmail.com
phone: (984) 212-2285
blog: demaionewton.wordpress.com
Twitter: @demaionewton

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Executive Director

National Center for Social Impact

January 2016 - Present

Bring together leaders in education, workforce, and social impact to improve outcomes so that all people may reach their potential. Lead teams in impact, marketing, outreach, partnerships, commitments, and results to help make a greater difference. Run regional Impact Summits, and work with higher education for Impact Learning (IMLearning)

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