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Senior Economic Adviser USA

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Bernardo Javalquinto, his parents Enrique Javalquinto Markmann former Ambassador to Egypt concurrent to Africa and Middle East, a lawyer and career diplomat and Silvia Lagos Carmona archaeologist who graduated from law. Bernardo Javalquinto was born in New York City, USA. Founder and Chairman of the proposed Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico Latinoamericano & Social Business Center (CIDTEL), Founder at JMLC International Consulting, a Chile-based independent consulting firm. Mr. Javalquinto is knowledgeable in business development and provides advisory services to companies that want to do business in Chile. Mr. Javalquinto has been associated (former employee) with companies such as the World Bank, IFC, Embassy of Chile in the USA. Henkel-Loctite. He is a Former Director at the Engineering and Business School (EBS) of Universidad de Aconcagua. He Lecture Economics, founder of the Social Business School, awarded (2 Times) by the Argentinean Congress as Leader for development in Latin America. Mr. Javalquinto 1997-2006 member of the Grameen Bank Dialogue founded by Peace Nobel Prize winner Prof. Yunus. Member Royal Economic Society, Founded 1890 UK, March, 2014 recognized as world expert in social business

Specialties: Social Business - R+D+i+E - Merger& Acquisitions - Crisis Management - International Project Investment - Company Liquidation, Doing Business in Chile, Innovation Entrepreneurship, Technolgy Bioceanic Corridors, Future trends in the Southern Hemisphere - Climate Change - Poverty issues - Human Rights - Fair competition - Peace - Justice

work Experience

Dean Department of Economics

Hispanic-American College New York

January 2016 - Present

Todos los profesionales de HAC se coordinan con el objetivo de poder proporcionar una formación 100% práctica que asegure su aplicación en el día a día laboral. La meta es ayudar a la especialización y desarrollo de nuevos conocimientos ajustándonos a las demandas del mercado actual.

Es nuestra misión y nuestro lema inspirar a lideres comprometidos: HAC considera que en un mundo cada vez más globalizado las sociedades y empresas necesitan de líderes positivos, eficaces, responsables y que sean modelos y ejes de cambio. HAC se compromete a formarlos, a retarlos y conducirlos con apoyo que ofrece a la investigación relacionada con este ámbito académico. Nos centramos en los aspectos sociales y éticos de los negocios, aportamos "valor humano" lo cual demuestra la compatibilidad existente entre la ética y las actividades académicas y empresariales.

Te animamos a embarcarte con nosotros en un proyecto educativo abierto al mundo, con una clara vocación internacional que apuesta por la libertad en el aprendizaje y formar a líderes para beneficio de nuestras sociedades.

Economic Advisor

Javalquinto LLC

January 2002 - Present

J&A is a General Management, Crisis Management Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, Change Management, Business Re-engineering, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Total Quality Management (TQM), Corporate Governance. J&A provides a diverse range of services to foreign firms interested in developing their presence in the Chilean and LATAM marketplace. (Global)
Developing strategic alliances, Capitalizing on globalization opportunities

J&A´s market presence ranges from the Financial Industry to Travel and Entertainment industries. You can count on JMLC's solid reputation and business ethics to serve you as a guiding light in our economy.
We take pride in providing our clients and partners' with an undivided commitment to excellence and the flexibility needed in today's world economy.

Economic Award Rome 2015 at Sciacca Foundation

Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca Foundation

November 2015 - Present

Recipient of the Economic Award 2015, for his work in alleviation of poverty, women empowerment, youth employment, and Global Climate Change

Chief Economist


January 2016 - Present

The key applications of copper nanoparticles acts as an anti-biotic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal agent when added to plastics, coatings, and textiles Copper diet supplements with efficient delivery characteristics High strength metals and alloys EMI shielding Heat sinks and highly thermal conductive materials Efficient catalyst for chemical reactions and for the synthesis of methanol and glycol. As sintering additives and capacitor materials. Conductive inks and pastes containing Cu nanoparticles can be used as a substitute for very expensive noble metals used in printed electronics, displays, and transmissive conductive thin film applications. Superficial conductive coating processing of metal and non-ferrous metal, Production of MLCC internal electrode and other electronic components in electronic slurry for the miniaturization of microelectronic devices; As nanometal lubricant additives Copper nanoparticles application research is ongoing to discover their potential dielectric, magnetic, electrical, optical, imaging, catalytic, biomedical and bioscience properties.

Bernardo Javalquinto, Chief Economist
Ph: 786-477-3789

Satellite Representative Latin America

Yazmi USA, LLC

August 2015 - Present

Yazmi provides a unique and highly cost-effective learning technology infrastructure for rural, remote, and underprivileged areas in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Yazmi's solution is offered to government education ministries as well as private school operators, and also can be an effective solution for health service, disaster risk reduction, and emergency response applications.


Social Business School

January 2011 - Present

Escuela de Negocios Sociales (ENS) Social Business School
January 2012 – Present Global - Argentina - Chile - Next Projects Brazil, Colombia, Panama
The “Escuela de Negocios Sociales” (ENS) is going to be the first Social Business School in Chile and whose methodology, commitment and ultimate goal is to defeat poverty. We base our principles on the philosophy of Prof. Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize and we recognize MEN AND WOMEN as agents of change and we put them first. Our motto is: The Human is First. (el ser humano es primero). The school teaches 3 levels of continuing education. Graduates will receive a Certificate, Diploma or a Masters / MBA Global. During the entire period, in each of its 3 levels and its 20 elective, the program is designed for individuals and professionals who want to invest in their personal value added. Those graduated from different areas of specialization will deliver a set of tools that enable them to enhance their professional performance and prepare them all selected to meet the dynamic and dramatic changes inherent into the globalization of our planet. People who enter the ENS - Social Business School, will be transformed into leaders or agents of change in their environment, jobs, businesses and society. Specializations: Social Business - E-Commerce Information Technology - Environmental Law - Environment - Human Resources - Marketing - Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Area Health-Modernization of the State - International Business - Industries - Agribusiness Human Rights - Commercial Area - Mining - Energy - Tourism - Environmental Management Land Management - Communications

Research Fellow

International Entrepreneurship Academy

March 2012 - Present

The professors and fellows of Intentac represent numerous countries and cultures. Encompassing five continents, each of these highly qualified individuals represent a different industry with varying education and experience. As Intentac students are truly unique in their background and ambitions, it is only fitting that the Intentac faculty matches this diversity.
Intentac students have the opportunity to work under the guidance of entrepreneurial successes in various industries. Whether your forte is biotechnology or information management.
MODULE 1: The new global industrial revolution and the role of social business
MODULE 2: Bioceanic Corridors Asia-EU, South America the new Hong Kong of the Future
MODULE 3: Latin America Integration, Latin America Business, Economic Politics